New Dragonball Z Video: Krillin vs. Goku

New gameplay video of Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit surfaced today showing Goku and Krillin fighting it out. Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is base of the popular Dragon ball Z series. The game is be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 coming July 15, 2008 for Japan and the US.

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TheHater3777d ago

did anyone else notice that their clothing doesn't get damage, or tainted during battle? That is kinda lame, because the one for the ps3 had that.

TheHater3777d ago

I mean the ones for the ps2 and not the ps3. Sorry about that people

gta_cb3777d ago

yeah i noticed that, but.... its not a finished product yet.... is it?

GCO Gamer3777d ago

yeah i does look kind of..... well you know plus i think this is the PS3 version

slapsta723777d ago

not having played any of the budokai games i might have to check this one out

Mercutio3777d ago

They don't know howto approach it, atari, give it to Square-enix.

Ri0tSquad3777d ago

This game does disappoint me but not as much as Street Fighter IV.

Mercutio3777d ago

There would be an actual story in the game, and it wouldn't be the same left to right fighting, they should have made it like Zone of the Enders had the multiplayer mode, freakin' epic.

Strife Lives3777d ago

Tenkaichi series is as close to the anime.why cnt they make a tenkaichi game with these graphics on 360/ps3? They hit the ceiling with graphics with the ps2 games two years ago

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The story is too old to be commented.