Nintendo: don't expect 99-cent Mario game

President Satoru Iwata praises smartphone market for aspiring game developers, but says it's not the right path for Nintendo.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1851d ago

I completely agree thank you Nintendo.

iamnsuperman1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

I think it is a big mistake. They could sell older versions of Mario for 4.99 or less (maybe not 99p) and earn a ton from it for little money put in. I am not saying sell new versions of Mario. That would be dumb but the older Mario which would sell very well cheaply on a mobile device. Its not like if they released an old Mario on the Wii U/3DS it is going to sell the system or be hindered if it sells on a mobile device. It could help people get into these characters (newer/younger gamers)

I think Iwata is wrong here "Further, Iwata disagreed with the opposite side of the argument: that the 99-cent song actually saved the music business after rising Internet speeds led to greater piracy rates. In fact, Iwata said companies that sell music downloads and MP3 players were smart to position themselves as heroes when they were really duping consumers."

The fact is singles are now 69p-99p means I actually buy more music because I might as well. Not a big impact on my wallet any more. I don't buy CDs any more but digital download. Its not exactly saved the industry but it has help cut down the "need" to illegally download music as it is so cheap to buy music. I can buy the one or two songs I like in an album cheaply and not the whole thing. He has the backward, out of date, thinking about the music industry

Ghost_of_Tsushima1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

So you think putting Mario on a stupid touch screen phone with no buttons for $4.99 would be nice? Yea to make money but real gamers don't like touch screens. I mean seriously these little phone games are whats killing our good quality games because the cheap price for them and huge user base makes everyone get it even know its crap. Like Pachter said Nintendo said they could put their games on phones and make tons of money. So what's its about making tons of money and not about making great quality games and platforms for us to truly enjoy? I know I'd much rather play games with the Nintendo game pad than a tablet with no buttons or a 3DS more than a iPhone or android phone.

Just like Nintendo said cell phone makers and tablet makers don't care about games they care about the overall product to sell and make money. Nintendo actually cares and tries to give us a great experience to enjoy games on their great hardware which others will copy and will probably take credit for like usual.

RivetCityGhoul1851d ago

Nintendo: "if We go away our properties come with us" No Nintendo, No Mario, Star Fox, Metroid etc. get over it's never happening. we don't support that mobile crap. if yo want nitendo games then go buy a nintendo console otherwise shut the hell up.

iamnsuperman1851d ago

@Marcus_Fenix Please stop using terms like "real gamers" don't like touch screen. The new Nintendo system has a touch screen. The DS and 3DS have touch screens. I am not saying put newer titles on it (they could but run the risk of devaluing their systems) but the older games. A lot of publishers are doing it because these phones can support these games now. If done correctly virtual buttons work and it isn't like a physical button is an different to a virtual button with the capacity these touch screen phone have and it isn't like these games need a lot of buttons. Of course mobile companies do not care about games but what has that go to do with Nintendo. The make great hardware for developers to use. Nintendo point makes no sense. If someone was to copy it, it would have be done all ready (and it probably has). But those games are still not a Mario game (the name sells itself)

@rivertcityghoul. I know Nintendo said that but as a company if it ever went under (not saying it would) they would sell those products to stay afloat. No company would go under over pride. Also telling me to "shut the hell up" isn't really having a sensible discussion. Nintendo could re-sell these old games that are just sitting there. It could intern get people more excited about the next Mario or new Star fox who didn't play the original because they are too young. Its just a great marketing tool to get people to buy their systems as the mobile crowd is a great way to get a lot of social gamers on board who do spend a lot of time and money playing those games.

Knight_Crawler1851d ago

***Comment exploded into a million tiny pieces of glittery magic***

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boybato1851d ago

mario - not selling out. nice!!!!

from the beach1851d ago

Spot on Nintendo. Let the amateurs sell their games for 99p - that's as much as they're worth.

mastershredder1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

99 cent games equates to Amature? That's rich coming from laymen.

The 5 dollar and even low 99 cent price points have been fantastic for "Amatures". (As you put it). Do you have any idea how many studios (well known) are using these price point models? or that they are not limited to a single SDK or platform (iOS for example, is one of many that they cater too).

Nintendo would be good to open their doors to non-proprietary hardware particularly if it is classics or originals that don't step on their own console and portable endeavors.

And to address the 'Nintendo isn't in it for the money' crowd:
The mountain of shovelware for the Wii tells a different tale about how much Nintendo really cares about money. Even though the shovelware is derived from third parties, they paid Nintendo to sell you crap games and accessories. THAT IS the straight dope.