Nintendo: don't expect 99-cent Mario game

President Satoru Iwata praises smartphone market for aspiring game developers, but says it's not the right path for Nintendo.

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boybato2099d ago

mario - not selling out. nice!!!!

from the beach2099d ago

Spot on Nintendo. Let the amateurs sell their games for 99p - that's as much as they're worth.

mastershredder2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

99 cent games equates to Amature? That's rich coming from laymen.

The 5 dollar and even low 99 cent price points have been fantastic for "Amatures". (As you put it). Do you have any idea how many studios (well known) are using these price point models? or that they are not limited to a single SDK or platform (iOS for example, is one of many that they cater too).

Nintendo would be good to open their doors to non-proprietary hardware particularly if it is classics or originals that don't step on their own console and portable endeavors.

And to address the 'Nintendo isn't in it for the money' crowd:
The mountain of shovelware for the Wii tells a different tale about how much Nintendo really cares about money. Even though the shovelware is derived from third parties, they paid Nintendo to sell you crap games and accessories. THAT IS the straight dope.