GameInformer: Grand Theft Auto V Reader Q&A

Last week, we asked fans to submit questions regarding Grand Theft Auto V. We received over 500 submissions, and I did my best to answer the most common questions.

Several of the questions you posed have no answers yet. We didn’t discuss the cover system, shooting mechanics, safe houses, car handling, game installation, health system, map, number of missions, hunting wildlife, radio stations, downloadable content, and multiplayer because we had no meaningful information to share.

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claud31588d ago

very very nice read... More excitement building

Mocat1588d ago

I think I speak for everyone when I ask this...will there be boats and hos?

It wouldn’t be a proper take on Los Angeles without boats or hos, so yes, you can expect plenty of both.


Walker1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Gears of War: Judgment says hello .

Edit: @crimsonfox
GeOW:J have the highest chance for GOTY .

WeskerChildReborned1588d ago

Looking forward to seeing some gameplay.

claud31588d ago

The honest way they put their answers. Was so cool