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SKFU got his hands on a Vita devkit…says it has vulnerabilities that could help hacking it

PS3/PS Vita Hacker SKFU has been reported to be selling a Developer model of a PS Vita. He says the device could be used to further understand the inner workings of Retail Units, and maybe help hacking the PS Vita (Dev, PS Vita, Tech)

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Tired  +   882d ago
GreenRanger  +   882d ago
He's selling it because he couldn't do anything with it and he's hoping Sony will swoop in and pay a load of cash for it.
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GribbleGrunger  +   882d ago
What is this obsession hackers have got with Sony gaming devices, and what is this obsession with constantly promoting that idea through articles on here?
Silly gameAr  +   882d ago
Yeah, it's kind of pathetic.
crinale  +   882d ago
The guy posted this just joined N4G. Obviously someone else's another account lol.
NeoTribe  +   882d ago
They strive on sony products because there the only ones who put up a fight and keep there systems hack free. That and they are jobless freeloading basement dwellers with to much time on there hands.
elnacho  +   882d ago
You like to think hackers are jobless because you can't accept the idea that a guy can be both clever AND have a normal life :)
hkgamer  +   881d ago
hackers tend to make quite a bit of money
Knight_Crawler  +   882d ago
Im not justifying there actions but I have a friend who has a $80,000 a year professional job and hacks as a hobby.

I asked him once why does he risk his job by hacking and said that he does not do it for money or fame but for the challenge.

Regardless of what happened with the PS3 hack, Sony is a very good security company and he said that the Vita is built like fort Knox.
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MikeMyers  +   882d ago
It's not just Sony devices. It's happened on the Wii, DS, Xbox 360, and keeps happening on the PC as well.
bozebo  +   882d ago
Hackers have an obsession with all major consumer electronics. Some for interest, some to make money off it. There are hackers out there with more skill than any major company (a lot of them work for major companies and still hack hardware as a hobby - that's usually how they landed their job).
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ronin4life  +   882d ago
I have never liked the seemingly too positive attitude towards emulation and hacking on this and other sites myself...

As for Targetting sony, Sony did that to themselves. Sort of. They stepped into a bear trap with their overtly public actions against geohot and garnered the ire of anonomys, and the hacking public has painted a giant target on them ever since.
smashcrashbash  +   881d ago
Why am i not surprised to hear you saying that. As if hackers needed an excuse to hack a device.As if Sony not making a fuss about it would have stopped them. They just pretended that Sony made them so angry that they hacked it and wanted all the idiots to be on their side to sympathized with them so they wouldn't look like the bad guys. They didn't paint a target on themselves. The target was already there and all they needed was an opportunity to take a shot.Like the idiots who had the keys and said that the Chinese took them from them so they HAVE to post them now. As if anyone believed that lie.
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chukamachine  +   881d ago
The funniest comments I always here, is.

We only want to get into the system for homebrew, lol.

Homebrew is crap.

Just be fking honest and admit you want to play retail games for it.
WalterWJR  +   881d ago
hackers have an obsession with all gaming devices. I am not trying to start an argument with you gribble, I tend to agree with you on many things. However I find it funny how we get headlines like "sony ps3 keys leaked, ps3 blown wide open" when sony has far superior security compared to any other competitor. The headline should be "sony is finally hacked"
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bozebo  +   882d ago
People will put all their effort into reverse engineering the retail model anyway.
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onandonandon  +   882d ago
You say 'hacker', I say 'scumbag'!
r21  +   882d ago
Tired  +   882d ago
Bunch of cnuts...oh I think I spelled that wrong.
EffectO  +   882d ago
At this point piracy could only help Vita.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   882d ago
It would kill it before it even got started.
Screw hackers and their self obsessed desire to "beat the company" they care little about the consequences to gamers and what effects it has on future hardware.
EffectO  +   882d ago
It's dead already.West newer cared about dedicated handhelds anyway and Sony somehow managed to lose Japan completely to Nintendo.

Funny thing
PSP--piracy,piracy,piracy is killing it
Vita--no piracy and yet in it is much much worse position than PSP ever was
Hicken  +   881d ago
Sony wants hardware AND software sales; you only get one of those when a system is hacked. Just look at the PSP.

Hacking isn't beneficial to gaming consoles. Never has been.
KonaBro  +   882d ago
The funny thing is....
you have all of these people trying to champion firmware and homebrew work so that they can put on custom stuff like emulators etc. when in reality, the end goal is to expose the weakness so they can pirate games. It's sad really.
DragonKnight  +   882d ago
At this point you can't say that it's for homebrew. That's a huge load. It's for pirated games, and no pro-hacker individual can claim otherwise.
Omnislash  +   881d ago
Agreed. Why would I want to hack a PS Vita for another reason other than free games?
tubers  +   881d ago
Put UMD backwards compatibility on the VITA and I would care less for its hacking. (There's already a form of CFW that allows you to play PSP ISOs on it).
profgerbik  +   881d ago
I guess no ones knows about the whole hacking thing that already happened with the Vita and how someone who was working on the file, the only hole in the system mind you, released it to Sony instead.

That hole has been fixed and many hackers who have successfully put their own firmware on it still will all tell you the same thing as far as pirating on the Vita goes, it pretty much near impossible now to get around as Sony was made aware of the only way to do so.

I am not saying there isn't some chance there is some master hacker out there who sees that as a challenge and tried their best but you would think it would have already happened by now.

So far the Vita is turning out to be very secure plus with the added security of the content manager and it practically keeping track of what you do.
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profgerbik  +   881d ago
What the shit fucking site lag.
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izumo_lee  +   881d ago
Why do hackers want to hack the Vita? Doesn't everyone say it is dying & not worth it at all.

Why not hack the 3DS since it is the most profitable system out right now. Wouldn't these hackers profit more by hacking the 3DS rather than a dead system like the Vita?
tubers  +   881d ago
Because they probably loved hacking the PSP.. Didn't that make a killing at least hardware-wise?

Since you consider it dead already, might as well zombie-fy it with the attraction of hacks xD.. to play emus, homebrews and PSPISOs on that decent 5 inch oled.

Personally I think the security it has right now is better in the long run.

I don't consider the system dead but in a state of coma.
izumo_lee  +   881d ago
I was mainly being sarcastic with the Vita is dead remark cause according to the game media it already is.

Also in response to your reply to Kte, i find it funny that when Nintendo or Microsoft for that matter has news of a hack like the 3DS with the R4 we barely hear anything about it. However when a Sony device is hacked or has the potential of being so it is front page news & blown to proportion.
Kte  +   881d ago
LOL that's a little funny cause people bash on the vita, but once the word hack comes up, everyone rages (not you Izumo). The 3DS has been hacked 2 weeks after it came out. They made R4 work with with it, and funny that no one ever says anything when that got hacked. The Vita imo is powerful i mean its a ps3 portable....best way to put it :D
tubers  +   881d ago
It's amazing how hacks on Nintendo devices don't make the system crumble.
Oh_Yeah  +   881d ago
Tubers.. How would hacking a system make it crumble? If anything it would drive sales. If the 360 and wii weren't so easily hacked.. I bet they both would have sold a few million less. Does everything not taste better when it's free? I mean pay for a hookers service and eat her out then get a regular girl who doesn't want you for money and eat her out.. Tell me which tastes better.
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tubers  +   881d ago
I was referring to the platform when I said "crumble".

It's debatable but the PSP was like that.

Hacked to high heavens, hardware was selling so well but it wasn't better on the software sold. Devs outside Japan hadn't given it as much love compared to the other systems.

Just selling mostly hardware isn't great.
Zodiac  +   881d ago
It's a shame, but it will happen eventually. Hopefully sony can do something, but it is an endless cycle will hackers.
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hum_bug  +   881d ago
The sooner I can hack my Vita, the better.
redtideone11  +   881d ago
come on guys if ps vita could be hacked it would have been done alredy. lets put this thing to rest.
tubers  +   881d ago
Well there's still 5+ more years for that.. That's a long time.

BTW you can now play illegal PSP ISO games on it.. That's a start.

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