Frontlines Player Cap Now 50 on Xbox360

A member of the development team just confirmed the news from the Gamespot preview that the player cap on the xbox360 is now set to 50 p. There will be some servers dedicated too supporting up to 50 players. The previous limited was set at 32 players on the 360 while the PC had been and is still set at 64 players

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Amagai Shuusuke3839d ago

Who cares.
This game blows.
Wait for Battlefield: Bad Company.

skitzoid3839d ago

I was bored after an hour and the lag on the demo was pretty bad. It was a hit and a miss. Sometimes it ran decent and sometimes it was real bad. I don't see how they are going to pull off 50 players if it lags with 16 to 24.

I am waiting for Bad Company too. That is what this game pretends to be but it doesn't pull it off.

power of Green 3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Not deffending the game but challenging the blind attacks, the single play sucked to me, never played multi player. The devs have said the title will have dedicated servers.

Its been said in interviews you can find them from Xplay or XBL.

sonarus3839d ago

The bottom line is addind 18 extra players to an already crappy game isnt gonna make it less crappy. I dnt want to discredit them to quickly and i knw there arent really that many games to play right now but rainbow 6 vegas is coming out and so is dark sector do you really want to be wasting money on this

JsonHenry3838d ago

Personally, it was completely horrible experience. (the demo)

The game itself was ugly, the control scheme was okay I suppose, but the lag and environment was pathetic as well.

i Shank u3838d ago

Coming from someone who thought the single player demo was an utter piece of junk, consider my suprise when i downloaded the Multiplayer demo released a couple days ago and found its damn good. HUGE improvement over that crap single player demo. the game has been tightened and smoothed a good deal. check it out, i hated on the game but can no longer since the game is fun now, especially the things like the RC drones, airstrike class, and choppers. peace

IntelligentAj3838d ago

This is great news for the Multi-player(which is vastly better than the single player campaign from what i've heard.

drewdrakes3838d ago

skitzoid - you clearly didnt understand the article. If it lags for 16 to 24 then how can they do 50? They mentioned in the article that they were adding dedicated servers. You dont know much about networking do you...

CrimsonReLLiK3838d ago

I bet you haven't even played it. The multiplayer demo was the funnest thing I have played in quite some time on a console. I could care less if there were 5 or 50 people playing. I am having a good time. Care to elaborate why this game blows?

Kleptic3838d ago

they mention the 360 version will also have 'a few dedicated servers'...but if they are thinking a normal P2P connection like Halo or CoD 4 will support 50 players...not sure what planet they are on...

Resistance 1 would have 40 players on ONLY dedicated servers...and it had quite a bit more than 'a few'...same with Warhawk and others (I am only bringing these up because they are currently 2 of the biggest console multiplayer games)...It takes tons of dedicated servers for everyone to be able to play 32+ players...if they are thinking about having like 5 dedicated servers for 50 players, this is hardly something worth advertising...they would always be full, assuming they actually do get the code worked get rid of the lag...

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sonarus3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

how can you even compare this game to resistance. plus still no 8 player coop plus 10 missing from multiplayer. you better thank resistance cus they are the only reason 360 is getting this is so their online service dosent look handicapped. But seriously since when was anyone considering this game watch it fly to the top of 360 owners lists and then they say they arent jealous of ps3 games
haha nice quick 2 disagrees i like that keep em coming i dnt mind

pwnmaster30003839d ago

yeah resistance has a single player mode and a 8 player cco-op mode with a different storyline 60 player online dats 10 people more u can play with.
so compare dis with resistance is plain stupid

power of Green 3839d ago

Sick of hearing about Resistance 2 its not the pinnacle of Multi player console gaming.

Huxley has its single story and multi player worlds intertwined and its cross platform and is so much bigger than anything you Sony fans boast about. lol

sonarus3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

question at power of green do you think huxley is gonna be better than resistance jst ponder on that for a while. When you are done toss another game.
I dnt feel resistance is the pinnacle of multiplayer considering i havent played it. But huxley common man get serious. And frontlines ?????? no one was anticipating b4 but watch the 360 swarm around this one besides the whole 16player is the sweet spot for online and bla bla.
If you read their posts on there see how excited they are for 50 player online then watch them turn around and say 16 player is the sweet spot

Ri0tSquad3839d ago


Ok, I think you know the rest.

White-Sharingan3839d ago

ITs ok PoG

I know your jealous of Resistance 2's capabilities. You and I know Huxley looks like crap right now, will it be good? maybe but right now its just meh.

BTW isnt Huxley an MMO? I thought MMOs had any number type of players? not 64

Resistance 2 confirmed to be an MMO! /sarcasm ends

BTW The Agency>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>Huxley

both looks like crap right now imo, but still TheAgency looks wayyyy better.

InYourMom3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Love talking about games that aren't even out yet and they haven't even played. Even if a game on the 360 has dedicated servers for some reason(maybe magic) the PSN dedicated servers are better.

Huxley is a great example of an upcoming game that is going to put the P in players.. 100 with dedicated servers, sounds to me like Resistance is trying to be a Huxley. Yes, that sounds rather stupid, but just as stupid as the people trying to say this mediocre game is trying to be RFOM2 or to make XBL look better. Which btw XBL needs no help looking good/better than PSN because it is.

If we are going to go ahead and start comparing games that aren't even out yet, let's take Gears of War 2 and how much that is going to take a p!ss on RFOM2.

Why do you Sony fanboys continue to attack any article that mentions the 360? Why?? Are you really that lame of a gamer that you spend time attacking a system you don't own?? This game is mediocre what's there to be jealous about because it's not coming to the PS3?

rofldings3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Too bad this game equates to epic fail. Gameplay sucks. Graphics suck. It'll get a 90 on metacritic thanks to Microbucks, etc. And, of course, the PC version will be superior in every way. You bots are only interested in it because it's one of the few games you have to cling on to in 08.

It's over.

LastDance3839d ago

I think this game will be trash and so mediocre from what i have seen. HOWEVER i do not believe you can say that RFOM2s multiplayer will own this games because you have never played it.

ngg123453838d ago

Worst exclusives on the console (besides too human). Hype Fable 2, Splinter Cell DA, and Ninja Gaiden 2. Or better yet Left 4 dead.

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pwnsause3839d ago

wonder how much this is gonna lag, i mean XBL is P2P based right?

Darkiewonder3839d ago

Like they'll have dedicated servers for this game. or at least from how i read his comment.

sonarus3839d ago

yea it will probably have dedicated servers but still sounds experimental and still sounds a bit unconfirmed. if it happens kudos to 360 owners getting front lines for 50 player online

ASSASSYN 36o3839d ago

Only one problem with that little wish...we are currently playing it a 32 players without an ounce of lag.

pwnmaster30003839d ago

but dos it have single player mode and a 8 player co-op mode with a different storyline and does huxley really have a single player wow learn something new today

power of Green 3839d ago

Why is this title bothering PS3 fanboys?. Acting like Honey bee's in a frenzy over how many people can play in a match lol.

wageslave3839d ago

I dont recall tht title at the moment, but there is a 40 (?) player Xbox title.

And as you said, Huxley is said to be over a hundred players.

InYourMom3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

and why do they keep bringing up RFOM2? Besides like 5 concept art shots and a lot of talk from Insomniac they have not seen anything about this game.

Sounds to me like maybe the titles to compare are getting a little thin. Would also explain all the extra time they have to post on articles for a system they don't even own.

You would think they would all be having a circle jerk over Toshiba officially shutting down HD-DVD.

XBOX 3603839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )


I can't believe how badly I've brainwashed you morons. It's no wonder I sell so well in the US. You know ... with the US being one of crappiest countries in terms of education.

It's okay, Master 360 still loves his slaves.
...Now go buy 6 more of me and buy a few more addons! HOP TO IT SLAVES!

(oh and toughname is an anomaly, Canadians can be stupid too.)

jwatt3839d ago

I think it was the first comment about resistance that got people all hyped up.

zapass3838d ago

who can resist a pee on your green?
ahhhhh... that's better...

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