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Austin writes: "Xbox Live has just gone down for most users. According to Microsoft’s Xbox Status page users “may experience trouble accessing Xbox Live” and multiple people on twitter have reported the same to us."

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Godchild10201261d ago

Since this is an Xbox Live issue, way use a Nintendo First party character as the Image?

AustinG9091261d ago

Because sad Link is having a sad just like I am.

aviator1891261d ago

Everything's already back up and running.

xPhearR3dx1261d ago

Huh? I've been on non-stop since I got off work around 5 hours ago :/

OneAboveAll1261d ago

These articles about Xbox live being down always amuse me. By the time the author writes the article and it's posted here on N4G Live is back up and running again.

Ryan_Hay1260d ago

Same as PSN.Yet those still hit the front page and stay at the top for hours..

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Treian1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

PSN goes down for matience. If gamers can't find a way to occupy their time for a couple of hours, then that's the gamers problem. Everything gets hacked, what else is new...

decrypt1260d ago


Steam is free too, u dont see it going down every week. Even when it does go down for maintenance once in a blue moon, gamers can still play.

Embeepee1260d ago

No it's least, mine isn't...


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