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Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified is a major disappointment. For those of you who were hoping to get a real first person shooter on the Playstation Vita, keep waiting. Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified was the beacon of hope we had for real first person shooters on a dual analogue stick handheld and it failed horribly.

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profgerbik2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I guess, other than lack of content which is to be expected it looks and plays just like any other CoD on console in multi-player.

Again last time I checked that is all anyone played CoD for anyway and this has been ever since it was on PC.

I am not defending CoD by any means what it has become to me now is a shitty mindless fps, sure it can be fun with friends but it is mindless no doubt and has become far too easy.

What is weird is everyone thought it was going to be so much worse hell even I did but it actually is not nearly as bad as everyone was thinking it was going to turn out to be. I mean remember those first screen shots and how awful it looked? It improved a lot from then.

What I don't get is Declassified was clearly better than Resistance and it's getting worse review scores which is retarded in it's own right...

Like I said though it is CoD on the Vita, yea it may not be the best effort and I honestly have no clue what anyone expected from CoD especially these days anyway but like I said, it plays and feels exactly like CoD on console (minus Nihilistic's bugs), maybe not your newer CoD's either with all the fancy added crap but it still plays exactly like CoD has for years now and it's on the Vita so you seriously could not have expected it to be exactly like console versions anyway.

Yea it isn't worth the $50 but let's not all be ridiculous here no one is forcing you to pay that price right now and there are plenty of ways to get it cheaper or hell even free if you don't own a Vita yet with the new bundle.

I mean a Vita, free memory card and declassified free, for $200, not a bad deal at all. I mean I would rather have AC3: Liberations but still a decent deal none the less.

WiiUalpha2219d ago

I love reading your post on ZOmbi U and this game. While what you are saying is true for the most part. It's sad you cannot see that when it comes to games on platforms you don't own.

It's funny though I get called bias but I never change my stance based on platforms by people like you whose opinions change depending on platform name.

As for what people expected, I guess they expected a better game after Vita owners were hyping this?Same thing you claimed about Zombi U.

Not bashing this game though. Play what you like. I just could resist showing who exactly is biased around here

profgerbik2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

You are missing the point obviously. people are bashing the crap out of this game when it is fairly similar to what CoD has been for ages and not a single person can at least acknowledge it's the same crap as before.

Zombi U isn't being bashed that badly for being the same zombie crap we have seen a thousand times now or I would be saying the exact same thing about it, trying to make people understand.. well what the hell did you expect?

So what is your point? You think I have a biased hate for Nintendo?

No I just said Zombi U is not as impressive as everyone had said and clearly not as impressive as it was appearing to look and you are right I don't like the Wii U or the games it offers for the most part but it doesn't mean I will give you a biased position on it, it's my opinion. I always make that fairly obvious.

I am not as selfless as journalist these days and I would gladly still point out the good points of a game even though I dislike it, just like Zombi U, if you like zombie games and are ok with playing the same thing you probably have been for years have at it.

I am not dissing you or detouring you from playing the game by all means play the game that have the find the most interest in. I am sure many will find it fun but I don't find it to be anything new as far as the zombie genre and I did actually want that game and I was actually going to get a Wii U for it and hopefully some others but what I have seen that would be the only game I would get and from I have seen it's not impressive enough for me to buy a new system for and trust me I didn't buy a Vita to play CoD and I don't own it either obviously.

I despise CoD and it's generic FPS experience it gives but that is the point, CoD: Declassified is the same generic mess that CoD has been for years ever since it hit consoles. It only takes a person with decent eye sight to realize this.

Zombi U is the same generic zombie mess that has been on everything for years in my opinion as well..

So am I biased, fuck no, I dislike them both just as much and that was far from my point. You just happened to completely miss it.

I simply pointed out the fact people are bitching insanely for all the wrong reasons with CoD:D when it has always been this crappy forever now, so why act so surprised now it's on the Vita?

How you chose to interpret it is up to you but clearly was very off but nice try anyway eh.

profgerbik2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I mean shit if the Wii U came with a free copy of Zombi U I would actually probably get it but I guess that isn't the case now is it?

While Declassified does come free with the Vita and people are still bitching about it's price. Don't see my point still fine? Don't bother trying to then.

medziarz2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

another copy-paste hate-"review"
don't feel like spending $50 on a bite-sized CoD on a handheld? DON'T
buying a Vita? It's FREE with the black model that costs $200 on black friday

mangoman30002220d ago

activasion should have done what naughty dog did with uncharted.They look over the work that sony bend studios did with uncharted.Declassified is rubbish not BLACK OPS