IGN- Wii U: Review in Progress

From gaming to video calls to online matchmaking, the Wii U can do everything. Just not yet.

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profgerbik2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

WTF I agree with IGN.. Blasphemy!

The online experience must not be looking bright for that thing if the pro controller doesn't have a headset jack, which is crazy I never really thought about that.

I didn't even know that, learning more about the lack of features this system has everyday. The fact they are hiding the processor information is fucking shady enough and should tell you obviously it isn't a processor worth bragging about..

What people don't understand is that the processor is literally the heart of every computer. Without a good processor, it will just be a Wii XL.

Even Ubisoft says the system is over priced for what it offers and that is sad coming from a developer who works with the system directly.

darthv722193d ago

We have matured beyond the point of specs being used as the measure of a systems performance. Especially when we see some of the best games made mid way in a platforms life.

Would it have mattered about ps3 specs looking at games now vs 6 years ago? Its the same hardware from then to now.

Zodiac2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

"Even Ubisoft says the system is over priced for what it offers"

No, they didn't. They said it was too expensive. That's it. That means it is too expensive in general. They wanted it to be cheaper.

400 dollars is a lot in general, and it does not matter what you are using it for.

PS3 launches at 600 dollar. Great graphics, blue ray dvd(the cheapest price for a player) first models played ps2 games, wifi, etc.. was all a big deal for that launch.

That was all worth 600 dollars, but nobody cared. Do you want to know why? Because it was 600 freaking dollars before tax and just one game.

Now, this is not a ps3 rant. That was an example of what Ubisoft meant when they said it was too expensive in general.

Money is money, and it is worth the same, no matter what you are buying.

Kingthrash3602193d ago

Why did u awaken bad memory's of the launch price of the ps3. 600$? man that's car note, phone, gas, electric, a months grocerys and 2 laker tickets + what I told the guy at GameStop.

Chupa-Chupa2193d ago

Well said, Zodiac. It's a new console, so don't judge it just yet. Give it some time. Look at the Wii. A so called kid's console that is in almost everybody's home. Now a day, consumers have more say than before with social media networks, and whether or not you may think Nintendo is doing right, at the end of the day, it's the currency that keeps that company going. And they are doing quite well in that department.

Trunkz Jr2193d ago

Review the dang thing when the patch comes out...

PopRocks3592193d ago

"Even Ubisoft says the system is over priced for what it offers and that is sad coming from a developer who works with the system directly."

They didn't say anything like that you misleading goober. They said they wished it was cheaper so it can spread out farther to the mass market.

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Gamer-Z2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Its already been confirmed that the CPU of the Wii U is inline with the PS3/Xbox360 with a 3x more powerful GPU, what this means i'm not to sure?


Kingthrash3602193d ago

It means Nintendo can match the specs of today's consoles....even though this time next year it will be outdated.....

FlairSomewhere2193d ago

This article confirms nothing...
It's still speculation at best, from pictures, not specifications or game performance.

Sketchy_Galore2193d ago

The biggest problem I anticipate for myself when it comes to more adult, story focused games is the fact that I usually play those with all the lights out and even cover up all the flashing lights in the room like the ones on my wireless hub because they distract me far too much. I can't imagine getting fully into the game world on screen when there's another smaller screen right under my nose flashing things up constantly.

quantae062193d ago

I guess you wont be playing Fatal Frame when it comes out for the Wii U.

Chupa-Chupa2193d ago

The Dreamcast is still better.

jsslifelike2193d ago

I was waiting for you to post that!

kopicha2193d ago

regardless, i am sure IGN will give it a high score

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