Skyrim 1.8 Update On Xbox 360 Leads To PS3 Anger Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, there is no release information on when the same patch will be landing on the PS3 version of Skyrim. As you can imagine, PS3 users have again taken to Bethesda’s comments section to let their frustrations be heard towards the developer, with Bethesda actually deciding to respond to a few comments on this occasion.

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aviator1892134d ago

lol...yeah, that part doesn't make sense.

Myst2134d ago

My ps3 is steaming with anger!

59fifty2134d ago

So i guess that was the problem with the 360 at first, It was made angry, it was Heated with anger! It's cool now though.

bwazy2134d ago


It's okay, our PS3's love Steam.

Nimblest-Assassin2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Wait... you guys didn't hear?

PS3 gamers are getting Skyrim dlc...

Its called Skyrim: F**K YOU PLAYSTATION!

Seriously... the system is almost at the end of its life cycle, if you have no idea how to make a game for it by now... why did you try in the first place?

Dee_912133d ago

is this why my ps3 has been grumpy and ignoring me all day ? ....... I dont even have skyrim I swear these things are more confusing then women

Mounce2133d ago


SilentNegotiator2133d ago

My Ps3 went to the gym to blow off some steam. She looked furious when she walked out the door.

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Silly gameAr2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Another article made from a few PS3 users venting in a forum. These articles are getting pretty popular for writers.

thorstein2133d ago

Excuse me, but these people are not writers.

Temporary2134d ago

Does anyone still even care about this? Those wounds healed long ago.

Zodiac2134d ago

The wounds opened up when i got a second arrow to th- never mind, i don't anyone cares about that joke anymore either.

violents2133d ago

I do, I only own a ps3 and would like to play the dlc and have updates to fix my rediculously broken game. My wounds were fixed until i got screwed out of dlc.

Ares902133d ago

@Zodiac I was amazed at the fact that it was considered a 'joke'.

Irishguy952133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

When the new DLC was announced it was a bit much no? The new dlc > Uncharted

You can mount a dragon.

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Blacktric2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Oh great, now fifty others will reply to this with other unfunny stuff. Way to derail the whole point of the article.

On topic; this shouldn't be THAT surprising since everyone knows how much of a sh*t company Bethesda is.

extermin8or2134d ago

tbh my ps3 got pretty pissed off at me when i put this badly coded crap into it lol it froze alot and refused to run, whereas put something like say battlefied 3 in and it's singing :P but I have skyrim on PC now where it works and moddders have fixed most of the stuff bethesda are too incompetent or lazy to deal with

MasterCornholio2134d ago

That already happened on launch day with the game and with each screw up (Dawnguard) PS3 owners of the game become more frustrated and more likely to not buy a future Bethesda title on the PS3.

Motorola RAZR i

Jazz41082133d ago

I believe the badly coded crap you are refering to is called the cell with its split ram. The game works fine on other platforms as well as most multiplat games but with ps3 this has always been a sore subject and it starts with sony. If you enjoy sonys exclusives for what they are then great but dont expect much else from the ps3.

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Jinkies2134d ago

Are you surprized after how PS3 fans have been treated

luoshuigui2134d ago

Actually yes, Bethesda has always been anti-Sony, Morrowind was never released on PS2, Oblivion PS3 got more than a year delay and had been missing DLCs until the GOTY version was out, FO3's 360 version are overall superior than PS3 version especially graphics and effects.
All these years Bethesda treated Playstation users like crap, and after all that those people still chose to buy PS3 version of Skyrim are either ignorant or stupid, if they are ignorant they shouldn't even know those DLCs and patches exist,if they are simply too stupid to understand Bethesda hate them, why would they be mad?

TheDivine2134d ago

Ps2 couldnt run Morrowind for one and two it was a PC game. Only reason it was on Xbox was that it was more like a PC (western) and MS had deep ties to the PC croud like Bethesda and Bioware. The reason Oblivion was late is that the 360 hit first. The 360 was also the western (aka PC) console and these are Western games. PS was generally an Eastern console that didnt recieve games like this (until the 360 made them popular). The reason Bethesda games run like shit on Ps3 is because it has shit ram that isnt fast enough or large enough to run these games. Be glad the Ps3 even got Fallouts/Elder Scrolls. Better than nothing right?

SITH2134d ago

There was no way ps2 could run morrowind. Xbox had an advantage with an external hard drive. At the same time, I agree with people are stupid for buying skyrim on the ps3 given the history of Bethesda with Sony. But I blame the hardware not the developer.

extermin8or2134d ago

@the divine; wtf are you on about? The ps2 got plenty of western titles.... Those games you mentioned were pc releases because either like with morrowind the ps2 couldn't handle it or b) games like battlefield relied upon online play as a big part of their draw something that only recently has taken off on consoles.....

Dark_king2133d ago

@TheDivine "The reason Bethesda games run like shit on Ps3 is because it has shit ram that isnt fast enough or large enough to run these games." This comment is funny sure the 360 has a smaller OS footprint leaving more ram for dev however its actually slower then the ram the Cell has access to.The games run like shit because they are not properly coded for the ps3 its that simple.

SJPFTL2133d ago

lol the only reason oblivion ran better on PS3 than xbox was because of the one year delay, plus it came with the dlc Knights of the Nine already.

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fjtorres2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

@Dark_King: The two consoles have the same anount of RAM but in the PS3 it is partitioned into 256MB general-purpose RAM and 256MB video RAM, whereas the XBOX has a single 512MB pool. That means that for games and applications that aren't graphically intensive, the XBOX can act as if it had almost 400MB of RAM. (Maybe more if the game uses tiling.)
Open world games like the Bethesda RPGs need a *lot* of memory to keep track of the objects in a given geographic "cell" or to hook in DLC and this is easier to implement in the XBOX where they can allocate the 512MB RAM any way they want between game logic and the graphics, so they can, for example, set aside 192MB for graphics and leave 320MB for the game environment. To achieve this on the PS3--and it *has* been done--requires a constantly running routine that "manually" moves environment data from general RAM to the graphics RAM in an area where the graphics chip won't be using it and then moving it back to where the environment logic can find it.
Alternately, they would have to re-code the entire game environment using more but smaller geographical cells (as they apparently did with Oblivion) but that takes a total rewrite of the game--about a year, judging by Oblivion.

As for Morrowind, its environment was an order of magnitude bigger and more complex than even Oblivion so it absolutely needed an HDD and its graphics, while crude by current standards, were beyond the reach of the PS2 graphics memory; even with a HDD, a PS2 version would've had a draw distance of maybe 20 feet. And in a game where you can fly miles high, draw distance was critical or pop-in would kill you; literally, clift racers are a serious pain if yu don't see them coming.
(Remember, PS2 had 32MB ram and 4MB graphics ram, whereas the XBOX had 64MB shared memory; it could devote 32MB to graphics and still have 32MB for the game logic. And indeed, the *minimum* requirement for Morrowind on the PC was 32MB of video memory.)

The issue isn't Bethesda; it is simply the nature of the beast. Partitioned-memory architectures simply aren't a good match for open-world games, that's all.

spektical2133d ago

Don't buy it. There are ways to manage memory RAM in terms of paging. Open world games work well with the ps3 the problem is lazy devs. No excuse for having memory core dumps in any final software product. It's like releasing a car with brakes that work half the time

DigitalAnalog2133d ago

Then bethesda by all accounts, deliberately took a task either:

A) believing they can fulfill the challenge.

B) Scamming PS3 into a quick buck.

Your points all direct to B). It is as you mentioned, they have to "re-code" the entire game environment which would take a year longer. Which then indicates that the PS3 was literally taking assets directly from the 360 (like many other failed multi-plat implementation) that caused this problem.

WeAreLegion2134d ago

PS3 anger leads to PS3 hate. PS3 hate leads to PS3 suffering...

Godmars2902134d ago

Well it is the Dark Side.

Zodiac2134d ago

You forgot fear in the beginning. Fear leads to anger, then continue.

WeAreLegion2133d ago

No. I did that on purpose. I even had to Google it to get the last part right. Lol.

League_of_Draven2134d ago

Bethesda is irrelevant. They shouldn't bother with patches or more buggy DLC. They should just stop everything about Skyrim and start working on a new engine for the next Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim didn't feel like a satisfying Elder Scrolls game in any sense and it's the worst one ever made.

cleft52134d ago

Skyrim PC is amazing. The console version of the game felt awesome too for the first 60 hours or so. Thats more than a lot of game developers can say about their game. The problem was that after the initial fun Skyrim console became a dull game unless you had some cool additional dlc for it. DLC that 360 people got and ps3 people got screwed out of for no good reason. The fact that a company as large as Bethesda wasn't able to release additional content for the ps3 just screams incompetence.

If they where planning on releasing a lesser game for ps3 than they should have charged less for the ps3 version of the game. No matter how you look at it, it's clear that the ps3 only players got screwed over and they have every right to be upset.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2133d ago

yup pc gamers always get patches first!

Adva2134d ago

Their games are probably the most bug ridden game this gen. Fall out, this and countless others.

MysticStrummer2134d ago

I had far more bug problems with Dead Island than with Fallout 3, Oblivion, or Skyrim.

brish2133d ago

I never had any problems with Dead Island ... because I've never played it! ;-)