New Zombie U Gameplay Videos

Gareth and Justin S at the Phoenix office of Skewed and Reviewed were hosted by Nintendo as part of their tour for the launch of the Wii U. They got extended hands on time with Zombie U and have posted about their experience. The second video plays as soon as the first one ends.

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TheRichterBelmont2137d ago

Game looks great! Day 1 pickup.

BattleAxe2137d ago

Left 4 Dead destroys this game.

ChickeyCantor2137d ago

Yeah because they totally play the same.

Tornadobounce2137d ago

Shocking footage shouldn't have bothered haha

TheDivine2137d ago

This game screams for a co-op mode (2 players) and a 4 player hoard/survival mode.

DaCajun2136d ago

I wouldn't put it pass Ubisoft to patch an online survival mode type of thing in as DLC to make a little extra cash. Personally I'll be happy with just the single player when I get this game tomorrow.

Garethvk2136d ago

It has a multiplay mode. One person uses the tablet to tap zombies into areas of a map from a top down p.o.v. The player has to capture various flags and survive. So the trick is to place the correct type of zombies to survive.

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