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The original Persona 4 game that released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2008 is probably one of the best games I've ever played. Definitely one of the most memorable, and easily one of my top favorites of all-time. I'm sure many other fellow gamers feel the same way. I highly believe that once you play it, you'll fall in love with it or at least have a good understanding on why it's so highly praised. Since it came pretty late into the PS2's life, with the PS3 already being out for a while, it probably has been overlooked by many. Fortunately, Atlus has given new life to Persona 4 in a new release for a new handheld.

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sdozzo2217d ago

I've only seen prefect scores for this... Is this a must buy or only for people who are into this style?

I like rpg but this seems very specific.

Hicken2217d ago

It's pretty specific. That said, I don't know any rpg(jrpg, mind you) fan that hasn't loved it, or at least the series.

Oh, and there's an 8.5 out there, somewhere, lmao.

izumo_lee2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Either you are a hardcore rpg fan or not this game is a definite must buy. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this game. It was an overlooked masterpiece when it came out on the PS2 cause of next gen consoles arriving. Those fortunate to have played it back than understand just how near perfection Persona 4 really is.

The world in the game is vast, the story is edge of your seat, the combat system is flawless, the characters memorable, the music is grandiose, & you get to date girls!!!! So it is a dating sim & an epic rpg rolled all into one!

The Vita early in its life cycle has received its definitive title that no Vita owner should be without. This was JRPG at its finest, in fact we have yet to play a game in the genre that is as great as this game this gen.

@ Hicken

That 8.5 by Gameinformer was a joke!!!! How dare they score it below a perfect score :P Teddie is not going to be happy about that one.

Godchild10202217d ago

To be fair, they did score it .5 higher than The original. I thought their review was pretty week in terms of how the other reviews are (not score, but the text of the review).

The Vita this year had some pretty great titles score very well in terms of their metacritic score. Persona 4 Golden will be one of the highest rated titles like the original is for the PS2. And will probably go on being one of the highest selling titles for the Vita, as the PS2 version did.

Since I missed the original release, I plan to make it up to Atlus and purchase 2.The limited edition and a standard.