Should You Buy Halo 4 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this Holiday Season?

Are you a Cyborg super soldier or just a regular super soldier? There are two big console shooters out right now, and most people aren’t going to buy both. The long winter months are going to call for some serious hibernation via First Person Deathmatch, and the question to be asked is: Call of Duty of Halo?

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vishant1012220d ago

Simply put if u owe an xbox u owe it to yourself to buy halo 4 if not i dont think you should even bother to buy blops 2

faraany33k2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I have played both games. And safe to say that HALO is a very restricted game. The choices and options in its mutiplyaer are severly lacking. Almost 90% percent of the people are playing with the same weapon DMR and each battle turns out to be identical.

Although COD is not ground breaking either but still there is progression in everything you do. From unlocking gun mods to stacking points for a score streak. COD is a much superior multiplayer offering then HALO.

2219d ago

I don't know if a agree with that about halo.

I have both games and have been playing a lot of both.

Saying everyone uses the DMR in halo is like me saying everyone uses the spray weapons in Cod.

halo adds to the battle with all the different stuff going on with the vehicles and the weapon drops etc.

I could say every game of cod plays the same with people running round like rabbits spraying and then you always get the one player who is camping at the back with a sniper etc...

some of the guns like the burst fire weapons feel almost pointless.

Having said all that I will say that both games are worth getting.

The big problem I have with Halo 4 at the moment is lag... boy, I am finding halo 4 almost as frustrating as MW3 and that is not a good thing.

I have had games were I have meleed guys in the back and they don't die. There is something about halo right now that makes it feel very inconsistant at the moment.

With Blops2 however, it's better then MW3 or the first Blops as far as lag goes. the speed of movement and all that feels just right.

I have been a cod hater for the last few years and I really don't like the direction it's gone, but I do try to be objective and keep an open mind and I have to honestly say I think this is the best Cod since cod4 at least it's up there with mw2 anyway.

Halo still takes more skill and is more fun with all the random stuff that can happen in a game but for me right now the lag or whatever it is has really killed off my enjoyment of that game.

I still get lag in blops 2 but it's nothing like the crap I was getting in MW3.

Now I know some people that never had a problem with lag in MW3 and if I even talk about it some would say they don't know what i am talking about and I just suck.

The funny part those same people are now crying about blops 2 saying they can't play it etc and all going back to MW3, funny that.. lol but ya they are not finding it that great.

Make of it what you will i guess.

spicelicka2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I have played both games as well and i can tell you halo is about the experience not the progression. It relies primarily on the fun and competitiveness, whereas COD holds your hand and and traps you in the system.

COD is designed to make playes always want new guns and unlock new things, and half those guns are the same. Then they throw in the multitude of perks and attachments and you're basically playing cuz you have to unlock things to progress, not cuz the experience is attracting you. You hop into a match only to fill up weapon challenges and complete contracts. This is why COD games get stale so a new one is released every to renew the entrapment.

Halo 4's challenges are implemented on a secondary basis. I played the first week of halo without making any loadouts or even looking at challenges. Just working with the team, using or taking down vehicles, and winning in halo is what pulls you in. This is probably the reason why you call it "restricted", you go into the game to fill up the challenge meter and spend more time in the menus than in enjoying the match, so of course you're gonna find it restricted. I don't understand how you can say 90% of the battles are identical? Every weapon is different and you can win a match with the pistol if you had skill, there's half a dozen vehicles, each armor ability adds a different dynamic. I mean in COD, all you do is try to sneak up behind a a guy, pull three shots and move on, call and airstrike and it does everything for u, it's basically hide n sneak. I'm sorry but i really don't agree with that comment seeing as i barely use the BR.

HALO is a much superior multiplayer offering than COD simply because ppl can have more fun in a barebones match without the premise of unlocks dragging you through.

ATi_Elite2219d ago


well for me it's neither!

I'll be busy playing Planetside 2, Firefall, and Hawken FOR FREE! (but buying a ton of upgrades and customizations)

hennessey862219d ago

But if you can only get one well then tha will depend on what console u own.

tehpees32219d ago

If you have a PS3 don't buy Black ops 2. Disaster. And you can't really buy Halo 4 on PS3 so unless you have a 360 your missing out.

decrypt2219d ago

Well you arent missing out much with Black ops 2, take it from a PC gamer lol.

Halo 4... shooters are a dime a dozen, many better shooters out there.

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