Tetsuya Nomura sketches Lightning for Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary

Tetsuya Nomura has sketched Lightning.

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blackbirdi2215d ago

why they are so obesses with lighting which is a completly fail !!!

cleft52215d ago

It's because of what she represents. She could be the future of the company and she should have been. But they split their attention on ff13 and released on multiple platforms which lead to them making a lot of sacrifices for ff13. FF13 was set to be amazing and then they screwed up and went multiple platforms and now they are doing everything they can to prove they made the right decision.

Instead they should just admit that they did fail and move on. I enjoy ff13, but I fully understand why it is disliked by so many people.

Jinkies2215d ago

The thing is the game could of been as big as it was on one platform but her as a horrible character would of still remained.

Jinkies2215d ago

I know she's a terrible character, the only reason she stood out in FF13 was because she was surrounded by characters worse then her.

She was blad, boring, a moan, a complete b**** and just so depressive.

Most other characters in FF had great personalities and backstories by Lightning just seemed like she was trying to be a hybrid between Cloud and Squall but totaly failed.

8bitHero2215d ago

i swear to god ill never understand SE's obsession with lightning & FF13.

maximus19852215d ago

WHY!!!!! Tetsuya nomura please stop!! If you would stand up for us and say "hey maybe I should work on some versus stuff or hey shot in the dark ff7 since that's what the fans really want!!

Trago13372215d ago

ok, the man is a excellent artist, but WTF is his team doing with versus, after all, that team is the core Kingdom Hearts team, and that's why KH3 hasn't even begun production. Can we at least get so much as a status update or something? i want that game, NOT more lightening saga Bullcrap :(

Wintersun6162215d ago

Here's a very detailed sketch depicting the whole FF13 saga. Made by me.

young7yang2215d ago

its a good thing today is opposite day!

wishingW3L2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

buahahahaha!! XD

10/10 indeed!

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