5 Exciting Wii U Features writes: "Wii are ready, are U?

At the stroke of 12 PM tonight, will mark the official 24 hour countdown for the release of the Wii U. Giving gamers their first step into the Next-Generation of consoles. We here at are excited to bring in our first console in our sites lifespan and hope to bring many more with our fellow gamers! Nintendo's new console looks to turn heads once again as the system has been sold out of pre-orders and will be guaranteed to be sell out this holiday season. While the Wii U has a number of features we are excited about, lets take a look at the Top 5 features we are excited for Wii U."

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jbgamer2193d ago

I totally agree with this list, but umm still no nintendo direct to start off the launch? come on reggie! cannot wait it is almost here!!

TheSuperior 2193d ago

Can't wait for this. So glad I got a hold of a pre-order!


Wii U is going to be very interesting!!!

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