Why we love Persona 4

Ask ten people why they play video games and you'll get twenty different answers. Some will say they like taking out their anger on a military battlefield, shooting up friends and enemies for better ranks on a virtual scorecard. Others might want to go on surreal, dreamy adventures through deserts and mountains and rivers of fire. At least one or two people will say they just like to have fun.

But one of the more interesting answers is one that fewer people would like to admit: Video games are an escape. They let us forget about our troubles and inhabit other peoples' brains and bodies. The problems in video games always have quantifiable, achievable solutions. Where life is messy, video games are neat.

Maybe that's why everybody loves Persona 4.

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SynGamer2193d ago

Great article. I was actually on the fence before reading this because I haven't really gotten into the series previously, but this sold me.

tiffac0082192d ago

If you get a chance you should also get Persona 3 because they have a cross over with Persona 4 in the Mayonaka Arena and the plot there may or may not have something to do with what is about to come in Persona 5.

You will not regret getting into the Persona series. Its a unique experience.

Chrono2193d ago

It's a fun game but not comparable with the other JRPGs, feels more like an anime series.

Blastoise2193d ago

But that's one of the coolest things about it.

spok222193d ago

bought persona 3 a whiles back and have yet to play through it. So repetitive. lol