Gamer 2.0 reviews Sins of a Solar Empire

"Sins is the delightful lovechild of three of the best strategy games in the annals of gaming history: take a dash of Supreme Commander, throw in some Civilization, and put in a sprinkling of Homeworld, and you have a game that successfully melds the RTS dynamic into a 4X setting, in a fully 3-D environment where players are forced to think with more strategic and tactical depth than most real-time strategy games require. Sins is a slow-paced game compared to the masses of increasingly twitch-based RTS titles, but that is the point. Though it is in some ways flawed, Sins of a Solar Empire remains one of the best strategy games to grace store shelves in recent times, and is sure to be one of the sleeper hits of 2008."

Why you should buy it: If you're remotely interested in strategy gaming, either 4X or RTS. Just be prepared for a game that demands a quicker pace of thought than 4X, and a slower pace of action than RTS.

Why you should rent it: If you don't like strategy games, it is still worth at least giving this game a try. Find a friend who has it, and mooch for a bit to see if this game might just bring you into the strategy fold.


Gameplay: 9
Visuals: 9
Audio: 9
Value: 8
Quality: 10

Suggestion: Buy It - Editor's Choice Award

Review by: Christopher Sponable

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