Why following in the footsteps of successful games is no guarantee of success

"In this feature series, we’ll be trying to puzzle out the whys and wherefores of making successful games. We’ll be looking at why particular games sold well or sold poorly, what we think when we see an old brand being relaunched, the role of the press and its impact on sales, and a whole lot more. This first article serves as an introduction to the series on the whole, while taking a quick look at why “playing it safe” in the games market can actually be more dangerous than “taking a risk” on something new."

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NYC_Gamer2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

It's greedy publishers who are just looking to copy what's already successful[with the hope of breaking sales records] instead of wanting their studios to creative something unique and fresh

venom062216d ago

the ONLY reason CoD sells well is because of the CoD fanboy review sites, IGN/KOTAKU brainwashing people into thinking it is a "must have" game.. (remember MW3 and the debacle it became)... other games with the exact same issues as CoD gets bashed by these CoD fanboy sites, but when CoD comes out, its, "dont worry about it lag compensation will get fixed, don't worry about connectivity will get fixed, don't worry about the DLC maps will be designed better"... digusting double standard... is digusting... this best sums it up

Reverent2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Not exactly disagreeing with you... But CoD would still sell the same even if those sites never existed. The majority of CoD's market are casual gamers who are just looking for a quick fix of arcade shooting action that is simple enough to grasp, and accessible enough to do well at. Those casual gamers have probably never even been on any of those sites. So to say that it's the ONLY reason, just isn't true, at all.

CoD continues to sell simply because it's the fad these days. Casual gamers are blind sheep and will do whatever everyone else is doing. The same goes for pretty much everything popular. Facebook, Hip-Hop music... It's all a fad that will EVENTUALLY die out.

Anyways, OT, the real problem with the fact that these developers can't be successful trying to make a game like (for example, CoD) is because if a person WANTS to play a game like CoD, they are just gunna play CoD. Not something trying to be LIKE it. If I feel like playing a game like Minecraft, I'm gunna play Minecraft, not any of the lesser clones of it. (Terraria being an exception, but I'd hardly even call that a clone.)

Games just need an identity if they want to be successful. Their OWN identity.