Wii U launch ‘marks a beginning,’ says Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime Ahead of the launch, Nintendo reported that stores had pre-sold all the stock set aside for reserve on the first day. Fils-Aime said that stores across the country would have midnight releases for the console — including the Toys R Us in Times Square — and continuing with heavy promotion throughout the week.

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Akuma-2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

wii u is a continuation of this hd generation . the tech in the wii u and the games prove it.

it is a new tech and it is not even up to the standards of pcs that can run crysis 1 on high settings which is an old game. watch dogs and metal gear ground zeros are 1st gen games for xbox 720 and ps4 so imagine what games will look like in 2-3 years in their life cycle. wii u games look worse than current gen standards right now while watch dogs and metal gear ground zeros look a generation above hd console standards. wii u games will be playing a catch-up game with game standards of this gen which is telling because the launch games are below hd standards now

id love to see naysayers dispute facts about the wii u games looking worse because im quite sure a lot that are interested here have played it by now. a next gen system releasing games shouldn't have 100% of them looking worse than the previous gen. i can talk about wii u games and the quality because ive played a lot of them

cant wait for xbox 720 and ps4 because there isnt any doubt about the little next gen games weve seen are truly next gen quality or way above standards of this gen. some silly people might believe games like watch dogs and metal gear ground zeros are coming to ps3 and xbox 360 in the state that we've seen them but those titles are way above anything for consoles this gen

PopRocks3592195d ago

"it is a new tech and it is not even up to the standards of pcs that can run crysis 1 on high settings which is an old game."

...Who the hell confirmed that?

"a next gen system releasing games shouldn't have 100% of them looking worse than the previous gen."

Because developers can understand new tech by the snap of their fingers. Get real man. Is incessant negativity all you choose to spew? Considering that the launch games of this console are the end-off games of the previous generation, I'd say the Wii U's full potential is far from showcased. You simply lack patience.

darthv722195d ago

dont let akuma get to you. Him and mika and a few others are just at a point where they cant accept that the trend of super duper power is actually slowing down when it comes to game consoles and portables.

The next gen wont be as focused on the technical specifics as it will be on the convenience. We have seen the rush to increase relevance of the current platforms by way of adding features that were strictly on PC's or dedicated boxes (cable tv as an example).

The next gen will more than likely have an increase in internal memory to be able to process multiple requests like games and watching vids and surfing the web but we wont see the revolutionary change like we did when going from the 16bit cartridge era to the 32bit optical era.

I will say though that akuma's point about the wii-u being the evolution to the wii is correct. just as the ps4 and 720 will be the evolutionary replacements to the ps3 and 360.

What is revolutionary is how those platforms are used not just the fact they exist. Playing games doesnt fall into the revolutionary column because all platforms since pong have been able to do that. They have gotten prettier over the years but that is to be expected.

The wii didnt revolutionize gaming with the motion controls but it sure did make it accessible to anyone who wanted to find a way to get in on the action. I think that is what pisses the self proclaimed 'core' off the most.

Gaming is no longer an exclusive club. It has reached a point of maturity in opening the doors to as many as will want to pick up a controller to play. Or in the wii-u case...the tablet.

V0LT2195d ago

You are sadly mistaken if you think the next XBX / PS will be leaps and bounds graphically....

animegamingnerd2195d ago

while i can't play battlefield 3 on max without having it be on 5 frames per a second i honestly say it didn't really impress me that much to it call next gen about instead current gen 1.5 well then again i was never one to be blown away by graphics anyway

yourmom29212195d ago

There simply will not be a massive leap between the Wii U and Xbox720/PS4--unless you are willing to pay $599.

V0LT2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

I'm not touting this around or slamming consoles. I'm a PC gamer and do have the latest and greatest $500+ video cards. I don't see how they could offer anything remotely close for an affordable price. PC tech is obviously a few years ahead of consoles anyways. Like yourmom2921 said... I don't see how it would be possible without a hefty price tag attached with it. So yes, the Wii-U might be slightly better than the PS3/XBOX360 right now. Since it is and HD console I do think it can hold its own just fine graphically this go around.

Gamer-Z2195d ago


Hate to break this to you but xbox720/PS4 are not going be much more powerful than the Wii U ( i would say the equivalent of the 360 to PS3). Also the Wii U isn't even out yet how would know anything about it and even more how could you possibly make a comparison between systems that are yet to be announced?! As far as the games looking dated that's because they are current Gen multiplats they weren't designed to take advantage of the Wii U's power they were made for current Gen systems and simply ported over. Maybe you should wait for real next gen games to be developed and see how well the Wii U plays them before you start judging it.

jmc88882195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

ROFL the 720 and PS4 won't be that much more powerful. Because even a GTX 690 isn't much more powerful. For something to be a good difference beyond the Wii U, it would need about 500 percent or far greater than that better than it, utilizing coding that hasn't been invented yet. So the code nor the tech exists.

You're fooling yourself. Oh before you label me a Nintendo fanboy, just realize I haven't owned a Nintendo console since N64, in fact almost 15 years to the day since it was stolen in a robbery. But let me assure you that neither the Wii U, nor the 720, nor the PS4 will match a top end PC.

You do realize that watch dogs will not run as good as shown to you right? Just like when they showed off Battlefield 3, they weren't showing the 360 version...right? It wasn't running on a dev kit, but a high powered PC. Thus what you're commenting on is how the PC version will look. That was three Nvidia 580's it needed to do that.

Same thing here. Even a top end PC card can barely run the watch dogs DEMO, not real life gameplay. But scripted stuff. So yes, the PS4 and 720 will get a poorer version of what you saw, just like the Wii U will.

Funny how everyone thinks the PS4 and 720 are going to be some godly machine. The tech doesn't exist, as even a top end PC can't perform much better than a Wii U. Very high to ultra is not a significant leap. It takes a significant amount of power more, to get minimal gains. So how much to you think it will take to have a massive enough difference it makes the competition look bad? Many years of tech advances.

Because guess what you believe that the PS4 and 720 will be next gen systems. Here's a hint. They won't be.

Next gen isn't ready on the top end for about 3-5 more PC graphics card generations. So think GTX 990 or 1190. Sorry, the PS4 and 720 won't even be 670.

That said, all three will be fun systems, and I will be buying all three.

ROFL you use Crysis 1, a game so unoptimized Crysis 2 runs better than it.

All three systems are like a half a step up. This gen, done right. This gen, fully realized. Because they'll all finally get true HD gameplay. They'll have the DX11 type effects like tessellation. All of which is capable with the Wii U.

So how exactly are the 720 and PS4 going to outdo DX11 effects and very high textures? Oh that's right. They'll have ultra textures (but PC will have super ultra by that time) and more intensive DX11 effects like tessellation on high instead of medium.

Glad to see that has you so hyped up to knock the Wii U and proclaim the PS4/720 are going to be SOOOOO cool.

Actually they are all cool, all not next-gen but in name only, and none will surpass a decent computer build 4 years ago with an upgraded video card that is out now.

So many errors, omissions, and flat out ignorance in your post it's amazing.

Who cares if any of them are best anyways? They question is, are they fun and do the job. The pissing contest between consoles is so asinine.

Besides, what the guy forgets is, the vastly underpowered Wii had no problem being the #1 console sold, with the top selling game on it. This time around the difference between Wii and PS3/360 vs Wii U and PS4/720 will be like 1/10th as much. The 720 and PS4 will use years old PC tech, just like the Wii U. Sorry to burst your bubble.

AJBACK2FRAG2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

In a nutshell. When the PS3 and 360 launched neither console could produce amazing graphics like we see today in games like Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Border lands 2 Skyrim etc. To me it's kinda like seeing what I percieve as next gen graphics today.
In two days the eighth generation of video game home consoles actually begins and the Wii U already is starting off with these almost next gen graphics. In a year or so when video game developers really get comfortable with the Wii U we'll see graphics and performance unlike anything we've ever seen in a video game home console before.

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MattyG2195d ago

I came to see if Kaos was here yet. Be back in an hour.

AJBACK2FRAG2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

I'm his warm up act.

Hicken2195d ago

Yeah: the beginning of the eighth generation of game consoles.

josephayal2195d ago

Tnanks Reggie, The Wii U represents the start of next-generation gaming

boybato2195d ago

Is it just me or does Reggie remind you of "troll face"

ronin4life2195d ago

He reminds me of a purple pikmin...
Whos body is ready.
... to love you as a digital consumer.

(^ all taken from real reggie quotes.)