Soul Caliber 4 Launch Party recorded the launch party intro that was delivered by the CEO of Namco and Lucas Arts. Included was the first showing of the trailer. I am putting this up for fans of SC4.

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Regret3720d ago

It's CalibUr. It's even on that pc u uploaded.

tweaker3720d ago

haha thats the first thing i spotted wrong. lol

Ric Flair3720d ago

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Julie3720d ago

Soul Caliber, how do you eat that thingy? or is a new game yay!!!!! , i like Soul Calibur from Namco Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Xeikon3720d ago Show

lol,360 got yoda.P S 3 gets LORD VADER!

BLUR1113718d ago

Soul Caliber 4!!!