From NES to WII U: A Look Back at Nintendo Game Consoles | Wall Street Journal Nintendo has succeeded throughout the years with a number of innovative game consoles. Here’s a look at some of the previous launches.

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NastyLeftHook02191d ago

i remember my first nes, it was amazing, i love mario.

Moonman2191d ago

My NES and original Game Boy still works perfectly fine after all the mileage and years. Built to last!

AO1JMM2191d ago

I remember unwrapping my NES on xmas morning. It was awesome seeing that Super Marios Bros/Duckhunt combo for the 1st time.

ZeekQuattro2191d ago

I got my first NES when I was in 1st grade. I also got a Game Boy around that time. I miss that old brick sometimes. lol

dredgewalker2191d ago

I had the Family Computer which was before Nintendo remade it into the NES, I had lots of fun times and fond memories with that system. Most of my favorite franchises came from that system. Those were magical times since I was now able to make sense of what the characters and background lol. Before the NES you really had to have a really good imagination to play Atari and Intellivision games.

TheLyonKing2190d ago

To young for the new but I remember playing megamanon my snea, good memories there.

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