Is Pornography What The Gaming Industry Needs?

The gaming industry is suddenly becoming more accepting of the adult film industry. Does this mean that video game publishers will actually start releasing titles that aren’t targeted at children?

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Snookies122193d ago

Gaming and porn shouldn't mix... I mean shoot, there are some games that sell on sex appeal alone which is kind of weird to me. If you want to go look at porn, get on the freaking computer and go find some... -_-

guitarded772193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

I don't think gaming should be defined by porn, but having access to pornography through consoles is a plus. I'm not a porn viewer, but I understand that adults own consoles, and porn apps from legitimate businesses provides a safe way for adults to access programming they want. It is not anyone's place to judge someone else's viewing habits.

As for porn in games themselves, I personally believe the system in place is working. The console manufacturers reject pornography driven games because they don't want their hardware associated with porn and that is their choice because they invested in building the hardware. Same thing goes for the porn apps... console manufacturers can reject them, but I personally wouldn't be offended or excited if it happened. I really don't care, but I do care when people want to police free speech.

MRMagoo1232193d ago

but the companies dont mind being associated with violence and murder? what kind of world do we live in where shooting ppl in the face is ok with everyone but sex is wrong, are we all retarded Catholics or something.

vortis2193d ago


If someone was being a douche to your sister and you punched him in the face and broke his nose and blood splurted everywhere, most people would gasp but at the same clap because you decked a douche.

Would you really take your girlfriend and have sex with her in front of your sister?

See how that works?

Sex is a private thing between people, and it's personal and intimate (unless you're into the group thing). Most people are NOT comfortable having sex in front of other people or watching strangers have sex while in the company of others (again, unless you're a fetishist or something).

Violence is different because it's usually goal oriented: You're defending someone. You're defending yourself. You're fighting for a cause or you're trying to prevent a cause.

If you can't see the difference between why some people are okay with violence and not public displays of sex then I can't really help you, sir.

SilentNegotiator2193d ago


The "sister example" will forever be burned into my brain. That is one disturbing, influential example.

Bimkoblerutso2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )


Everyone likes to use the "oh, but MURDER is okay!?" line of logic, but just think about how tiring and annoying it has been to see developers exploit violence in so many games these days, and then think about what the industry would become if sexuality became an even more viable point of exploitation in the industry as well...

The point is, I don't necessarily want to associate the industry with sex and violence. I have no problem with their presence in games, but when I feel like the publishers are trying to sell me sex and violence instead of an actual game, then it becomes a problem, and "mainstreaming" pornography just means that we're going to get a TON of developers trying to sell our libido's back to us.

MRMagoo1232188d ago


And you blindly ignore murder tho right cos you couldn't make an argument to cover that one huh? Sex maybe intimate yet porn is the number one searched thing on the internet hows that possible?

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Dovahkiin2193d ago

Surprised Mika hasn't commented with her/his/it's usual spiel.

bwazy2193d ago

blah blah blah, this is sexist, blah blah blah look at me, blah blah blah how barbaric, blah blah blah, I'm non specific about my gender so it keeps people guessing blah blah blah.

Close enough for ya?

MuhammadJA2193d ago

Agreed, but judging from the disagrees you have, I guess there are people who want porn in everything. Weird freaks.

frjoethesecond2192d ago

Plenty of PC games have a certain amount of it. Not like this is a new thing.

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jrbeerman112193d ago

Would we need to buy a peripheral? Like porn hero?

Godmars2902193d ago

And soon after the Atari 2600 died and the industry floundered waiting for Nintendo.

NYC_Gamer2193d ago

I believe the gaming industry should keep far away from porn

BlackWolf2193d ago

Oh no, please no. Don't do it. Porn is porn, games are games

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