Whatever You Do, Don't Buy 'Black Ops 2' For The Playstation 3

Anthony Accinelli of RealSG writes, "Activision sent me a copy of Black Ops 2 for the Playstation 3 so naturally that's the version I have been playing the most.

Which is unfortunate because out of the 30 matches I have played online, my Playstation 3 has frozen 8 times. In other words, Black Ops 2 for the Playstation 3 has frozen 27 percent of the time I am playing."

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aviator1891740d ago

I'm not a fan of cod anymore, but it's a shame the developers or whoever tests these games for the final push and polish still can't manage to iron these sort of things out..

decrypt1739d ago

Whatever You Do, Don't Buy 'Multiplats' For The Playstation 3


Anyone looking for a good multiplat experience should consider the PC or Xbox 360 versions.

MariaHelFutura1739d ago

That comment is soooooo 2006.

iChii1739d ago

Excuse me? Batman Arkham Asylum/City? Assassin's Creed? Mortal Kombat 9? Dead Space 1/2? Battlefield 3? Bro.. just cause The Elder Scrolls and Call of Duty franchise are done poorly on PS3 doesn't mean other multiplats are. Ps. GTA V's lead platform is PS3.

ALLWRONG1739d ago

"That comment is soooooo 2006."


SuperLupe1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

The reason the PS3 is lead platform for GTA V is to ensure that it equals the 360 version. Not because the PS3 is more capable for multiplats. Especially when it comes to open world games (ram limitations)

If I'm not mistaken EA leads all multiplats on PS3 to ensure both versions are the same quality. The other way around and theirs a chance the PS3 gets an inferior version.

I guess devs mindset is if we can do it on the PS3 it will be a piece of cake on the 360. The opposite isnt true of course and we've seen it all along the gen.

aceitman1739d ago

Gta 5 has no lead platform both being done at same time.

Hydrolex1739d ago

Every game from professional and top notch developers have been superior on PS3. I don't consider activision anything.

With that being said... keep dreamin decrypt !

GTA V will bring xbox 360 vs PS3 articles back, and PS3 is gonna murder 360

Norrison1739d ago

Just get multiplats on PC and excluisives on PS3, that's what I do and the difference between PS3 and Xbox360 Multiplats isn't like BO2, it's almost minimal.

reynod1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

No point buying multiplats for any console. No BC later on.

PC the ultimate gaming machine.

Besides console gaming is just to expensive and limiting.

Blackdeath_6631739d ago

we get an hour of extra content for AC3 we also got exclusive content from RedDeadRedemption and battlefield amongst other games. apart from timed exclusives as far as i am aware there is no advantage to playing on xbox unless your are playing games from incompetent developer i.e bethesda and activision who don't seem to have even a fraction of common sense in them to test their own games.

geddesmond1739d ago

But isn't it funny that most of the big multiplats that do have problems on the PS3 are usually games done by publishers who have exclusive DLC deals with MS.

All the CODs have had PS3 problems. Skyrim, PS3 issues, Fallout, PS3 issues.

You should change your comment to "Whatever you do, don't buy Multiplat games that have exclusive deals with MS for the PS3.

tgcorke1739d ago

There are loads of multiplats that work far better on PS3 than 360, just as there are loads (mostly shooters) that are superior on 360. To suggest anything else is insular fanboyism and doesn't resonate with reality.

gta28001739d ago

It's a conspiracy. Microsoft is now paying devs to release bug ridden games on the PS3 lol.

InfectedDK1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Not true. I've had minimal errors with Black Ops 2 on PS3 although it's not acceptable until fixed. Also they have made a statement about this in game that they are working on it. These sort of things happens all the time with big games especially on PC.

SolidStoner1739d ago

I just have to say that history repeats itself, and it starts to feel that Microsoft is giving money so PS3 version is not working properly... you know why I think so...

because they fix it every time after a month... and everytime they release it its buggy, glitchy and dont work...

2nd reason could be that developers are really really stupid... but I doubt that, you cant be so stupid every year... I think its the 1st reason...

XB1_PS41739d ago

I can't read half of these comments because they're so biased and negative. It IS harder to develop for Ps3, therefore the chance that there will be bugs upon launch is more likely than 360. I don't think Activision would purposely hurt their sales, because we all know they are about their money. There will be a few patches, and everything will be hunky dory.

Blops2 is the best since 4. If you've ever liked a cod, you should try this one out. Just don't play party games on small maps, the spawns might upset you. lol

SJPFTL1739d ago

How is BF3 better on PS3? It has input lag, and the only way to minimize it is to turn off Anti-Aliasing... making the game look worst. Something which is absent from the PC and XBOX versions.

Gamer19821739d ago

You shouldn't buy any console game thats on PC for console. I played through Arkham City on my PC in 1080P and it blows the 360 and PS3 away. Not to mention PC versions cheaper, has mod support, more control options, more support and faster patching etc..

AAACE51739d ago

[email protected] cant even figure out that 27/30 equals 90%... wow!

cyberninja1739d ago

trollolol, try harder next time.

asmith23061739d ago

Bought it, tried it, traded it. Same ol COD and it looks so outdated now. On PS3 at least. COD is not a game to buy a console for. It was, until Gears 2 stopped that dead in its tracks.

andibandit1739d ago


Me3, skyrim, bo2 all disagree with you

pixelsword1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


"The reason the PS3 is lead platform for GTA V is to ensure that it equals the 360 version."

...didn't rockstar cut out a lot of the game to fit it on one disc for the 360?

"Especially when it comes to open world games (ram limitations)"

1. a few stages on Lair are 32 by 32 relative miles and each level loads in less than six seconds with no loading in between. The only downside to it graphically that it could not always keep 60fps on the older chipsets (60Gb, etc.) when the action got really intense, but most of the time it did to the point that the times that could not did not matter. I honestly don't know if the issues are still there on the newer PS3 chipsets, but I have to say It probably is until I can confirm that it is not; this isn't "innocent until proven guilty" because it's already been proven that it could not always hold 60fps; so the burden of proof is on the slim.

At any rate, there's not a game that's out yet on consoles that has both the size and the technical prowess Lair had, and I'm talking on both console, not just the 360. The only non-PS3 game that I know that had over 32 miles was Superman Returns (80 square miles), but the graphics were not the best and it still had a lot of issues with a joke of a frame rate. I don't count Test Drive and Fuel and GT5, motorstorm and other racing games because car games push the boundaries in a different way; else I would wonder why God of war's backgrounds did not look as realistic as GT5, for example.

I'm not absolving Lair because Lair had a few things that popped-in, but the upside is that the whole game used a progressive mesh to where no matter how close you got to something, the graphics looked better, not worse.

So I don't think open world is the issue; it's

1. Sony not providing enough Technical assistance. (If people are complaining about it being tough, it's Sony's job to fix that or else take the punches when someone complains and writes an article about it... which is probably why the stock is getting lower in it's appearance of value.

2. People not knowing how to program. (honestly, How can I let people off of the hook when a game like Heavenly Sword comes out so early in the console's life cycle and games that come out later not only runs worse, but looks worse, too?)

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Thatguy-3101739d ago

While mine did suffer for server issues at first after I updated my system a few days ago I'm able to play matches pretty well with no interruptions. Articles like these make it seem that ALL ps3's are going through the same thing which aren't. Most of my friends are online too and have been for the past few days

GraveLord1739d ago

Whoever wrote this is exaggerating. I've played this game since launch and it's only frozen once. Server issues were almost gone now too. I've easily sunk 10+ hours into this game.

There is no game-breaking bugs here. Buy the game. Ignore this XBox fanboy.

AvidGamerrrr1739d ago

Just google it if you think it's an exaggeration. My entire system works flawlessly outside of Black Ops 2. Author isn't wrong on this one, even the article claims that it's not happening universally.

MRMagoo1231739d ago

Im getting migrating host often but my ps3 has yet to freeze up once.

NBT911739d ago

Didn't freeze once for me either. It did be a bit dumb and say it was waiting for more players when the lobby was full though. From what I did get to play of it, the game sucked.
Going back to the store new week to go toward ps all stars.

Welshy1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

You can't polish a turd, but you can roll in glitter and hope no one notices that it's still a turd.

Pretty much sums up my feelings for this platform biased, lazy, money milking franchise.

The sooner COD dies a slow painful death and frees up space in peoples wallets and time in the holiday season, the sooner proper, creative, more deserving games will start earning more money and bring fun back to this gen.

Everything at this stage of the generation is now merging into one massive grey, generic, shoot-em-up genre. If you removed the skin and dialogue from Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Gears 3 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Could anyone honestly tell me the difference on a gameplay perspective?

I would say "roll on next gen", but so many bad habits have been set within the industry both on a business and creativity front, i can't imagine it will be a whole lot better -_-

ambientFLIER1739d ago

Mythbusters proved that you can, in fact, polish a turd.

portal_21739d ago

Polishing a turd maybe possible, yet just like Cod franchise, you're left with shit all over your fingers.

indubitably1739d ago

They only care to get the game fully working on the 360, it has direct competition in Halo 4. People wouldn't hesitate to take a faulty game back when other options are present. They know the name alone will carry sales on the PS3 with no real competition this year. If they pulled this last year, BF3 may have had more of an edge on the PS3