Project CARS delayed to late 2013, new community screenshots unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "Okay racing fans, we got some good and some bad news for you today."

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Abash2070d ago

The bigger shock is that the game actually has a release window, it felt like it would never be released. But why not just release it on next gen consoles or delay it a bit further for them at this point?

Neonridr2070d ago

agreed, since we all know the consoles won't be able to run the game respectably at the quality of the screenshots they keep posting.

a_bro2070d ago

maybe thats why they are delaying it to 2013. Would make a great launch title for next gen consoles.

vortis2070d ago

Dude, this has me so excited.

THIS would be a perfect launch title for next-gen consoles too.

I really hope they take gamers' advice and delay it for next gen machines and make the best possible racer they can.

jimbobwahey2070d ago

Yup, I agree. Save the game for next gen consoles. Releasing on PS3/360 would be a tremendous waste since the game would be heavily neutered to run on them.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2070d ago

lol what does it matter? can play it now. And I wouldn't get this on ps3.

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pennywhyz2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

this is for pc.the ports to the new systems still wont look like this and will not have the same physics or frame rate and all that other good stuff.i was a hardcore console guy until i got a pc.those new consoles being made are already 2 yrs behind pc's and this game wont look or perform the way its supposed to like on on pc.but i still enjoy my consoles as well.