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Predicting when the Wii U will get a price cut

Gimme Gimme Games states their predictions about when the Wii U will receive it's first price cut and how this price cut will be used to combat the arrival of other next-gen consoles. (Next-Gen, Nintendo, Wii U)

RivetCityGhoul  +   614d ago
the system isn't even out and ya'll are already predicting price cuts? smh why can't you stupid journalists just live in the moment stop trying to predict crap thats too far ahead.
yavorsv  +   613d ago
Don't call them journalists... :)
ronin4life  +   613d ago
It would be different if their track record for predictions wasn't so awful...
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NukaCola  +   614d ago
If it gets one it wont be untilnext year when the next PS and Xbox release, if the launch.
mrbojingles  +   614d ago
Yea it's almost guaranteed to get some price cut before those consoles come out
Pillsbury1  +   614d ago
It will certainly help its sales if it gets price drop around the time m$ and Sony drop their next consoles.
taquito  +   613d ago
i think $299 and $350 are very fair prices for what nintendo is offering, full backwards compat with an awesome library of wii games, TONS of launch titles, an innovative (again) way of gaming with the table controller, and graphics that rival ps3/360 at launch and will far surpass them in the next year as devs get better at manuvering around the system.

I'm getting one, and am totally excited!
yavorsv  +   613d ago
That prerry much sums it all :)
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CaptainN  +   613d ago
Not getting one for a long time !!!!
MegaLagann  +   613d ago
They're selling the system at a loss, don't expect a price drop for a long, long time.
evilbart  +   613d ago
Price is a bit decieving for the full expeirience this is what I am goin to have to buy

Prices in Euros

32gb console €375
4 X motion plus controllers @ €45 each equals €180
1 external hard drive €80
1 extra game €60

Total Price €695
Jadedz  +   613d ago
It depends
If you already have a Wii with Wii remotes, and an external hard drive laying around, it isn't as expensive.

Though I get your point.
lilbroRx  +   613d ago
You just listed the maximum extreme end that you could pay for it if you wanted everything you could possibly get which few people will actually buy or useuse(assuming that you don't already have the peripherals that have been around years).

If you did that for the 360 and PS3 even now how much would that be?
(PS3 super slim + vita + plasystation camera + move + playstation plus + 4-8 six-axis controllers + plus game + prebaked DLC

(360 Elite + 4 controllers + 4 battery packs + 4 Live Gold accounts(only 1 per person) + Kinect + smart glass + abused DLC + game + replacement costs when it red rings
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evilbart  +   613d ago
Wow dude why are you so butthurt I am actually going to buy a wii U
When I bought the ps3 on launch I got ps3 60gb and two dualshock controllers and two games for €599 I was just trying to explain that if you want the full expeirience it is going to cost around €700 no need to be so defensive
lilbroRx  +   613d ago
Butthurt? What are you talking about?

I'm simply presenting to you the ridiculousness of your comment. Your statement makes no real world sense as most people will likely buy no more than the boxed console and a game for a while even if they don't already have a Wii-mote(motion plus is not a requirement). Nothing defensive about it. Just checking your logic.

Now you, on the other hand, are actually using personal attacks. I wonder who is the one who is butthurt?
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Rrobba  +   613d ago
You can't say for sure until you see how it sells and what the competition is like.

My best guess would be that the Wii U gets a $50 price cut when the PS4 and next Xbox get released.
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evilbart  +   613d ago
@LiLbroRx I dont understand there is nothing ridiculous at all in my comment,I just simply stated that to enjoy the full expeirience with family and friends these additional items are a neccessity,
Not going to reply again I guess you are just a blinded fanboy that cannot accept the truth and it hurts you just calm down dude dont get so mad peace out
lilbroRx  +   612d ago
Fanboy? I'm a PC gamer and I'm not getting a Wii U.

Its because I'm not a fanboy that I can see how acute your bias, please, run after spitting your opinion like most people who don't like being called out on things.

Even the prices you listed are blown up.

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