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Sine Mora Is NOT A Cross-Buy Title

Chris writes: "Digital Reality have answered the question today on Facebook with a “unfortunately, no”. The reason behind this is that the games have different feature sets. " (PS Vita, PS3, Sine Mora)

SandwichHammock  +   517d ago
oh wells. Have been looking forward to this title even before it went xbox "exclusive". I'll go for the portable option. If they're still rocking stereo 3D on the big brother version, I'll bite too.
Yea. Seems like I'd like this on vita more than ps3. Going for the vita version.
profgerbik  +   517d ago
Things lacking Cross-Buy is not a surprise, developers can't afford to do that and I am sure many of them would much rather sell them on both systems instead of giving one away for free.

Even though yes in some situations it could actually make more interested in purchasing the game, people who wouldn't simply because it isn't Cross-Buy but is isn't big enough for many developers to take that chance.

Cross-Buy is excellent in the sense that it even exists at all but I for one am never expecting it to be a huge thing for a lot of games due to how bad the economy is in general. For me it's a bonus nothing else.

Developers just don't seem or from a common perspective would want to use Cross-Buy. As it seems more like a gamble right now than a guaranteed profit.
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SandWitch  +   517d ago
Cross-buy for this game would be completely sensible - I'm quite sure that pretty much noone is going to buy two copies of Sine Mora anyway. Cross-buy, on the other hand, may attract new customers who weren't interested in the game before.
strigoi814  +   517d ago
My vita will get this for sure
izumo_lee  +   517d ago
Sine Mora for what i have heard is a great game, a rebirth to those classic SHMUPS of yore. I really hope more of these games particulary from developers like CAVE to bring these games to the Vita.

I saw someone on Youtube play the classic Squaresoft game Einhander & on the Vita it looks absolutely beautiful for a game over 14 years old.
porkChop  +   517d ago
That's a poor excuse to be honest. That excuse might make sense if people were asking about Cross Play, but Cross Buy? How does slightly different content mean you can't support Cross Buy? Shit, you could do Cross Buy with a spin off Vita game if you wanted to, there's nothing that limits it.

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