UGO: Bully Scholarship Edition Hands-on Preview

Russell Frushtick of UGO writes: A few weeks back we got our first look at Bully: Scholarship Edition on the Wii and 360. The demo was hands-off, but we were able to check out some of the new features, graphical improvements and so forth. Our latest demo of the game was much more interactive, as we were able to take control of Jimmy as he went about Bullworth Academy performing minor (and major) delinquencies.

First up was the Wii version, with its fancy motion controls and svelte aesthetic. The aforementioned visual improvements looked even better in this new build, with fuller and reflective tile in the main hall of the school.

On to the Xbox 360 version, this too was a big improvement over the last build we saw, with many of the graphical glitches ironed out. The controls here are identical to the PS2 version, with the triggers for lock on and ranged attacks, and the face buttons for basic commands and punching.

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wiizy3838d ago

good to know that the wii control and graphics are coming alone very nicely.

ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW3838d ago

I can't wait for this game.. Missed out the first time with the PS2.. But, thanks to R* I'll be able to get it on the 360. Good news. I've heard nothin but good things about this game.