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gamrReview: "Sticker Star is going to be remembered as a love it or hate it game within the series. Which one will it be for you? You'll have to play it to decide."

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TheMrFraz2133d ago

The absence of experience points is astonishing...changes everything.

DivineAssault 2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Ya, thats like a key element to making RPGs feel fun.. Its a handheld game that im sure is still good, just not as good as the console versions.. Its receiving excellent reviews everywhere else

SilentNegotiator2133d ago

Pretty lukewarm reviews for this installment...

ronin4life2132d ago

I feel that boils down to the changes and differences from earlier entries. Super paper mario got treated the same way and it was quite a nice game as well... just not a paper mario.

stuntman_mike2132d ago

dissapointed it isnt an RPG but i will still get it but at a later date when it goes down in price.