Is UK Game Development The Best In The World?

Jason Bourne of Ludos Mundi Suggests UK Among The Best Game Developers:

Back in the early days of Rare they would produce games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but it was their partnership with Nintendo on the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 that made them one of the best game studios in the whole world.

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Lior2138d ago

In terms of quality of games yes

MrDead2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

I agree if it wasn't for the UK you would have no GTA, Red Dead, Tomb Raider, Worms, Lemmings, Timespliters, Motorstorm, Wipeout, Little Big Planet.......etc

Heres a list of companies that started or are based in the UK.

omi25p2138d ago

Batman Arkham Asylum/City.

Oh_Yeah2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )


Wenis2138d ago

It used to be. Although these are just two companies, the current state of Rare and the loss of Free Radical, its really hurt UK game development

Oh_Yeah2137d ago

Bethesda and RockStar are from North America.. So no.

ape0072138d ago

you're obviously a new gamer

3GenGames2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Not really. Been gaming for over 12 years, developing games for about 3 as a hobby. I pay close attention to game design, studio design decisions, and many close details in game like that.

In the day, some UK developers produced good software and games (See: Codemasters with the Dizzy series. Amazing games that were amazingly programmed). But today, Japan sucks (Crap stories), US sucks (average everything), UK sucks (What stuidos are in the UK outside of R*?). Games today in general suck. They don't dominate in graphics. Don't in gameplay excluding R*, and they don't dominate in sound. What am I missing? If you can't list 5 9 out of 10 average games by 100% UK developers, I am not anything but right.

omi25p2138d ago

The batman games are developed by rocksteady who are a uk developer.

tehpees32138d ago

I would say it used to be. Now most studios have closed or fallen from grace. Still Rockstar though.

hardandsloppy2138d ago

But still, most Rockstar games are developed in their north american branch, so even Rockstar isn't that much of a UK company.

Norrison2138d ago

Rockstar started in the UK so I would say it's a UK company

Psychonaughty2138d ago

But GTA is developed in the uk so...

Ben_Grimm2138d ago

Damn X-Factor, first an article about how UK gamers are more sophisticated than Americans and now an article about UK devs the best in the world.

I'm sensing a pattern...but I just can't put my hand on it...

X-Factor2138d ago

Lol!! Well, thanks for noticing bud. Glad you're paying attention. There's more to come, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your outlook.

This has real content though. Less opinion, more "fun facts." One of my UK authors wrote it and even I was surprised at some of the stuff that's come out of the UK.

Who knew. As far as I was concerned, it was all Japan and Cali, and then Canada and some Eastern Block countries. I never pegged UK for a gaming country.

But like Mr Dead said up above in his comments, without some UK developers "you would have no GTA, Red Dead, Tomb Raider, Worms, Lemmings, Timespliters, Motorstorm, Wipeout, Little Big Planet.......etc"

GTA and Red Dead Redemption! I personally like Red Dead Better than GTA, but I'm from Dallas, Texas and I love me a six shooter, so that explains that.

I'll try not to pepper too much UK related content.

Let me know if I get out of hand. Lol!!!

No, seriously. Let me know...

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The story is too old to be commented.