Adventure Gamers: A New Beginning First Look

When visiting Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg recently, Adventure Gamers naturally got to take a look at how A New Beginning is coming along. While it is still in a very early stage of production, one chapter is largely done already.

The story starts off in the distant future. Humanity has ruined the earth's climate, rendering the blue planet almost uninhabitable. The damage is irreversible and the only possible way to save humanity from impending doom is to go back in time. Thus a team of time pilots is sent back to the year 2050 with the goal of halting the climate change at an early stage. Unfortunately though, the scientists have miscalculated: it's already too late in 2050, as humanity has done irreversible damage to the planet by this time. A junior team member with a slightly naïve idealistic streak, manages to make a second time jump. This time they are going to our present, the setting for a large part of A New Beginning.

Here the supposed heroes part ways.

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mariusmal3655d ago

shaping up to be a good game. love the cartoonish graphics