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This gen’s current offering of Sonic games has been fairly dire to say the least, with only Generations and the original All Stars racing doing well. But is Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed going to be any different, and more importantly, is it going to beat Mario Kart as the top multi-player racing game out there? (PS Vita, PS3, Sonic And All-Stars Racing Transformed, Xbox 360) 4/5

freddukes  +   648d ago
I agree with pretty much everything, with the exception of "Very little for single player".

The world tour has 58 events. If each one only took you 5 minutes to complete, that's 5 straight hours of pure game play, just for world tour. Plus, you can't even unlock everything until you've played world tour on expert difficulty, which is not unlocked until completing the game on hard difficulty.

Therefore, that's another 5 straight hours of going through the world tour unlocking everything again. This is IF you don't fail any events really. 10 hours of pure gameplay is quite a lot for a single game mode in my opinion.

I've not even started about the 21 time trials, 10 grand prixs, and offline split-screen party play. There's also 100+ mods to unlock, which can either be accomplished online or offline.

This game is certainly not lacking in content. Pretty good review otherwise though.

TLDR: I think there's plenty of content, easily 15+ hours offline content of pure racing.

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