DmC Devil May Cry Demo Playthrough

Watch a playthrough of the DmC: Devil May Cry demo.

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Lovable2196d ago

It actually looks really good

Haha1232195d ago

I love the way the environment keeps changing, it looks so amazing!

definitely on my radar

brish2195d ago

I find it odd how people form opinions for or against games they have never played.

Jinkies2195d ago

Looks terrible for a dmc game, just what I thought

Don't support this crap people, Capcom will never learn to stop ruining franchises...just think they have Megaman left, do you really want that game to be turned into crap once they finally do a new game for it.

TheKindRoost2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Those air combos... they literally float in the air for you ,no effort at all from the players.

GSpartan7772195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

It's a new mechanic in the game. You have a launch button and the characters float mid air for a few seconds after your last hit, before dropping down. It's one of their many ways of making the combat "easier" to get into and also make air combos the main thing. Also the fact that your DT floats every enemy in the air and you do more damage and the duration is longer, the more air combos you do.

TheKindRoost2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

"It's one of their many ways of making the combat "easier" to get into." lmao! NT incompetence in combat mechanics is really shining in this game.

Sevir2195d ago

The combat mechanics were developed by Itsuno-San who was the executive producer on DMC-1,3 And 4. And he was instructed NT to implement these changes to the core mechanics to DmC... Why don't you just try the game before you thrash it. I know its hard to have an open mind these days but maybe just maybe if you try it next week. It'll change your mind.

maybe playing the game to actually have an informed opinion would make you sound like a fan and not some disgruntled fanboy who pours over cosmetic changes.

Summons752195d ago

Slow, clunky, terrible art resign, terrible character design, terrible gameplay, absolutely no correlation to the original Devil May Cries besides names, Ninja Theory still having arrogent egos and think they have actually made good games before when in reality they have made a failed Devil May Cry clone and a failed Uncharted clone......I can't wait until this fails in sales and capcom makes stupid PR statements to make it sound like they tried to stop this but failed.

ShoryukenII2195d ago

I don't understand the disagrees. I know that he is really negative but is it not true that Ninja Theory is extremely arrogant?

After watching DmC gameplay for the first time and only having played the Bayonetta demo to compare to, I feel that the combat does not allow for as much creativity and doesn't have as much variety. The controversial hijacking of the franchise and steering it in a generally unwanted direction doesn't help either.

I also predict that this will not sell well, especially considering 2013's heavy lineup, particularly Metal Gear Rising.

soundslike2195d ago

The level design is actually really great I think. Thats about it. Bayonetta is definitely better gameplay wise from the looks of this.

Wii U sure is lookin' appetizing. Mmm...Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter in 1080p

Jinkies2195d ago

I don#t understand the disagrees either

It's just people who like the look of the game but have never played old DMC games before so wouldn't know why most of us are upset yet still defend the game and call us even though we have solid reasons to hate the game

I feel people are just jumping on the defend it bandwaggon because they think it's "noble"

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