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Submitted by Makasu 1180d ago | video

DmC Devil May Cry Demo Playthrough

Watch a playthrough of the DmC: Devil May Cry demo. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Lovable  +   1180d ago
It actually looks really good
Haha123  +   1180d ago
I love the way the environment keeps changing, it looks so amazing!

definitely on my radar
RivetCityGhoul  +   1180d ago
this game disgusts me.
ironfist92  +   1180d ago
Then dont buy/play it
brish  +   1179d ago
I find it odd how people form opinions for or against games they have never played.
Jinkies  +   1180d ago
Looks terrible for a dmc game, just what I thought

Don't support this crap people, Capcom will never learn to stop ruining franchises...just think they have Megaman left, do you really want that game to be turned into crap once they finally do a new game for it.
TheKindRoost  +   1180d ago
Those air combos... they literally float in the air for you ,no effort at all from the players.
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GenoZStriker  +   1180d ago
It's a new mechanic in the game. You have a launch button and the characters float mid air for a few seconds after your last hit, before dropping down. It's one of their many ways of making the combat "easier" to get into and also make air combos the main thing. Also the fact that your DT floats every enemy in the air and you do more damage and the duration is longer, the more air combos you do.
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TheKindRoost  +   1180d ago
"It's one of their many ways of making the combat "easier" to get into." lmao! NT incompetence in combat mechanics is really shining in this game.
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Sevir  +   1179d ago
its not their incompetence
The combat mechanics were developed by Itsuno-San who was the executive producer on DMC-1,3 And 4. And he was instructed NT to implement these changes to the core mechanics to DmC... Why don't you just try the game before you thrash it. I know its hard to have an open mind these days but maybe just maybe if you try it next week. It'll change your mind.

maybe playing the game to actually have an informed opinion would make you sound like a fan and not some disgruntled fanboy who pours over cosmetic changes.
Summons75  +   1180d ago
Slow, clunky, terrible art resign, terrible character design, terrible gameplay, absolutely no correlation to the original Devil May Cries besides names, Ninja Theory still having arrogent egos and think they have actually made good games before when in reality they have made a failed Devil May Cry clone and a failed Uncharted clone......I can't wait until this fails in sales and capcom makes stupid PR statements to make it sound like they tried to stop this but failed.
ShoryukenII  +   1180d ago
I don't understand the disagrees. I know that he is really negative but is it not true that Ninja Theory is extremely arrogant?

After watching DmC gameplay for the first time and only having played the Bayonetta demo to compare to, I feel that the combat does not allow for as much creativity and doesn't have as much variety. The controversial hijacking of the franchise and steering it in a generally unwanted direction doesn't help either.

I also predict that this will not sell well, especially considering 2013's heavy lineup, particularly Metal Gear Rising.
soundslike  +   1180d ago
The level design is actually really great I think. Thats about it. Bayonetta is definitely better gameplay wise from the looks of this.

Wii U sure is lookin' appetizing. Mmm...Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter in 1080p
Jinkies  +   1180d ago
I don#t understand the disagrees either

It's just people who like the look of the game but have never played old DMC games before so wouldn't know why most of us are upset yet still defend the game and call us even though we have solid reasons to hate the game

I feel people are just jumping on the defend it bandwaggon because they think it's "noble"
GenoZStriker  +   1180d ago
Everything in the video was going fine, till they decided they were going to use the "Ninja Theory proved the haters wrong" line and then he talks about how they were invited to the studio in Cambridge along with other game journalist to try out the game and get exclusive preview. It completely ruins the legitimacy of the video after calling out a group of people and saying how you were honored guests at their place. Game bloggers need to drop that bullshit.

Also, here is how I can tell this was played on the PS3 - seeing as I won the N4G contest in October for pointing out how the PS3 version of this game had framerate/lag issues - without even looking at the buttons listen at the beginning. Just look at how rough the cinematic are. There is a lag when the characters move, especially in the beginning of it. You don't notice it in the video during combat, but when you actually play it you are going to see the game slow down a bit and FPS drops when things get cluttered and stages shift.
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CrimsonDragon90  +   1180d ago
Looks great, imo better then dmc2 and dmc4. people should give this a try. for once people don't let your pride or ego get in the way.
RachelSomer22   1180d ago | Spam
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1180d ago
You can hate Ninja Theory but you can't say they don't have talent.
timeon11111111111  +   1180d ago
Define talent.

Ninja theory have WITH HELP of Capcom produced DMC gameplay on Unreal Engine.

DMC GAMEPLAY was defined/invented/created by Hideki Kamiya. And it was made better by Capcom without Hideki Kamiya. That includes and are not limited to rebellion, ebony and ivory, devil trigger, stinger, million stab etc.

So how does Ninja theory from a gameplay perspective have talent? They didn't invent DMC gameplay.

However, Ninja theory has great talent when it comes to art and motion capture.

Gameplay wise they have little talent. And LOTS OF PEOPLE (you may be one of them) are saying "Ninja theory has talent" because they have made DmC gameplay that good. But you forget that they didn't do it by themself, neither have they invented this gameplay.

Gameplay of DMC = 10 years of Gameplay.

Ninja theory came along - produced this gameplay on Unreal Engine with help of Capcom.

Do Ninja theory have talent in context with Gameplay? Not really.
ShoryukenII  +   1180d ago
I think that Ninja Theory definitely has some talent. I think that the problem is their arrogance and specifically, their management. I'm not sure about the company as a whole but the management is definitely arrogant and I think that they are holding back what would otherwise be a top developer.

They make interesting stories and their presentation is usually great. But they make stupid decisions such as going multiplat and antagonizing Heavenly Sword fans, making Enslaved too easy and having zero replay value and now taking someone else's franchise.

The now finished Zipper Interactive were great developers but they had such horrible management that took them from SOCOM II to SOCOM 4. Management can make or break a developer.
timeon11111111111  +   1180d ago
Like i said define talent.

Story - i find Ninja theory lacking alot.
Story presentation - they got talent in that yeah

Gameplay - very little talent here.

And games are mostly about GAMEPLAY.
So i fail to see how overall that Ninja theory have talent.

Again great graphics and story presentation doesn't equal great game. If that was the case then movies or animated movies can be considered "great games".
Boody-Bandit  +   1180d ago
Ninja Theory don't have talent.
Guess you were wrong. I typed and hit send without a problem. I thought for a minute there was going to be some kind of error. Guess you were wrong. You can say they don't have talent.

I don't hate Ninja Theory but I honestly don't consider them as a high caliber developer. Their games are "okay" but nothing special. I'm going to rent DMC but from everything I have seen thus far it's looks very average and I have a bad feeling it's not going to be up to par with past iterations.

Awe, a disagree. So sad.
I might cry now. /s
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Baka-akaB  +   1180d ago
For story and art design yeah maybe ... only i'm not playing a movie and they still have no talent imo when it comes to gameplay . I stand by that opinion , even if obviously they are improving a lot compared to all their past titles .

It's even maybe worse . At least their past games were 100% theirs . Here we are with a watered down version of someone's else work from 10 years ago with a new coat of paint
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Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1180d ago
I mean Heavenly Sword had it's flaws and the gameplay wasn't completely original but it was a good game. Same for Enslaved.

Now the problem I have with this DMC hate is this. If they're just replicating ten year old gameplay and that gameplay was fun then how can you say this game won't be fun?
Baka-akaB  +   1180d ago
"with a WATERED down version of someone's else work from 10 years ago "

i think the clue and most important part of what i said is there and your answer .

Besides let me ask , if they are not just replicating ... how come so few are even able to name new gameplay features ? And no moving backgrounds arent exactly one , even if one neat idea , potentially .

PS : I dont like their previous games , but that's my problem . it's ok to have different strokes for different folks and yeah they arent bad game , just with a focus that doesnt attract me . Wich was ok with a wide array and variety for the genre

I'll be however way harsher when you come along on a game known for it's core gameplay to bring your brand of lesser (imo) gameplay
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mdkgod43  +   1180d ago
cant wait for this game
kagon01  +   1180d ago
I can't wait for this game to flop...
dragonrage00  +   1180d ago
This is what im talking about. A guy with clearly mediocre skills is able to sustain himself in the air for around a minute, away from any harm, and barely gets hit in the entire demo. Where is the challenge DMC was once known for?
The enemies are slow and are very few of them on screen. That grappling is inspired by Neros devil arm, when Dantes trickster style is much faster and useful. Say what you want about the changing environments, and a more serious story, but please dont say the combat looks good, cuz for anyone that digged deep into the system in previous games, this is a major step back.
Baka-akaB  +   1180d ago
Just wait a few mins till someone , with no clue , comes tell you that you'll find your "challenge" in higher difficulties .
RmanX1000  +   1180d ago
I'll try the demo and if i like what i play, i will purchase the game, instead of passing judgement before its even released.
blackstrr411  +   1180d ago
I watch a lot of youtube clips of extreme DmC4 combos. The guys r crazy good. So I used the clips to practice what I saw till my hands hurt. It was worth it, cos I became an expert. The awesome Nero grabs and Dantes boss vids can't be topped. From this crap, I know I can master dante's(rihanna) combos in a day. No challenge what so ever. Just like the transition from Splinter Cells Chaos theory to conviction
MiyagiSPG  +   1180d ago
Not going to be something everyone agrees on but... this looks really good!

Just pretend its the old Dante and it'll be awesome lol :P
Sevir  +   1179d ago
im stoked for this game
Haters will never admit that its good even if its really good. And that hat they played was truely a good game. They Bitch about character design, a perceived clunky frame rate, all from a YouTube video...

It's cool we get it, youre mad capcom rebooted DMC, you're upset they used NT to make the game, its cool, just keep screaming and don't buy it.

if the game gets universal acclaim from the industry and people o out in droves and buy it and echo the same sentiment, take your advice and ignore it. You have DMC 1-4 to enjoy.
Gohadouken  +   1179d ago
Keep telling yourself that . I just hope that if (or imo when) the game fail to achieve any of its expected goals and sales target , you fans wont be making up pathetic excuses , like blaming it on irrational hatred , as seen for each NT game .
Jinkies  +   1179d ago
Lovers will never admit it's bad for a DMC game even if it's obvious it's bad. They b**** about how were have no points, or go on about how we just care about the hair and other minor things when it's obvious they don't listen

It's cool we get it, your mad that a game you've never had any interest in is now being hated on when you finally like the look of it. Just keep screaming, shut up and buy it.....may aswell bend over for Capcom and take it while your at it.

If the game gets universal acclaim it will only be because Capcom have obviously done some deals behind closed doors.
Sevir  +   1179d ago
"It's cool we get it, your mad that a game you've never had any interest in is now being hated on when you finally like the look of it. Just keep screaming, shut up and buy it.....may aswell bend over for Capcom and take it while your at it."

Interestingly enough, you go out on a limb to say the people who have general interest in the game has no interest in the game! LOL its funny really Theirs been interest in the game since it was released, both from the haters and the optimistic gamers who play with an open mind! Which is why soo many comment on everything about the game. so have a seat and take your own advice and SHUT!

For the record, what i played of the game at NYC comic con 2012 it plays every bit as a DMC game. So i'm pretty sure that ive got a better opinion on the product at hand than say someone like you who's been on a "Look at me, I'm screaming because i Hate NT and capcom for rebooting my franchise, even though ive never played" Carryon Smartly! :-)
timeon11111111111  +   1179d ago
@Sevir's comment "Haters will never admit that it's a good game even if it's really good".

I am a DmC hater. I think THE art and motion capture of DmC is good.
Gameplay and story of DmC plus it's characters...are...simply disappointing.

And i can tell you and other Ninja theory or high graphic fans the same "Go enjoy Heavenly sword and Enslaved".
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