Nintendo Confirms The Wii U eShop Launch Titles, DLC For Select Titles & System Update in December

We've known all of the Wii U retail launch titles that will come out on November 18th for quite some time, but the eShop titles have remained a mystery.

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eagle211564d ago

I'm getting Mighty Switch Force HD. :)

TrendyGamers1564d ago

Very good choice, it's awesome.

Myst1564d ago

I remember that game I believe it is also on the 3DS? I need to get that. I also wonder if they will have Shantae later on for the WiiU. Given that Wayforward also did that series so it would be rather interesting.

TrendyGamers1564d ago

The next Shantae on Wii U and 3DS would be a good move for Wayforward.

BringingTheThunder1564d ago

great launch games! cant wait to play almost all of them

Dr_Salvitor1564d ago

its Little inferno and Trine 2 for me day one.

Neonridr1564d ago

absolutely, and I am going to look at Nano Assault Neo as well.

Dr_Salvitor1564d ago

not picking that one up just yet but itsdefiantly on my list. it was one for me (Trine) and one for the missis(little inferno)

PopRocks3591564d ago

Mighty Switch Force and Nano Assault Neo to start off. I'll definitely check out some of the other ones as well.

Relientk771564d ago

Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition looks kinda sick

TrendyGamers1564d ago

Yep, they made a very impressive list day 1.

WiiUalpha1564d ago

Trine 2 for me but a few of those look interesting.

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