Diehard GameFAN: Persona 4 Golden Review

DHGF: Persona 4 Golden is the sort of remake/rerelease all developers should aspire to create, as the game is an exceptional product that justifies its existence by sheer force of will that fans and newcomers alike will find plenty of reasons to love. The main game has been translated to the Playstation Vita fully intact, as the main storyline is as solid as ever, the visuals and audio look and sound fantastic on the machine, and the gameplay is as functional as it ever was. The game is also stuffed full of new content, however, including several hours of added story and gameplay content, new Social Links, new options to tune and develop your party members and Personas, all kinds of expanded gameplay mechanics and a plethora of content to play with outside of the main game. The amount of additions made to the game is simply staggering, to the extent that you’ll find new things to see practically every time you boot up the game, and there are a substantial amount of things to keep yo...

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izumo_lee2167d ago

Haha i like the scoring system for this site :D

The Scores:
Graphics: CLASSIC
Control/Gameplay: CLASSIC
Replayability: UNPARALLELED
Balance: CLASSIC
Originality: GOOD
Addictiveness: UNPARALLELED
Miscellaneous: UNPARALLELED

Pretty much sums up this game.

LOGICWINS2167d ago

Just imagine what P5 will be like. I expect to see some gameplay next year. It's supposedly already been in development for two and a half years.