Analysts chime in on Wii U's mid-term forecast

Gamasutra- The Wii U is going to be a big seller this holiday season. That's about as bold a prediction as saying Black Ops II will top the November NPD charts.

But what happens when Santa returns to the North Pole and the first wave of consumer fanaticism has started to calm down? That's when Nintendo's new system will really be put to the test.

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WiiUalpha2192d ago

The true test for any console is how it does long term. Nintendo usually doesnt have a problem with this lately though. DS,3DS and Wii seem to sale just fine, well Wii not so much after Wii u announcement but they'll get 100m I think before its done

tehpees32192d ago

"The Wii U will quickly lose positive momentum from its launch due primarily to pricing," he said to investors in a recent note. "We believe there are already a number of cheaper, comparable alternatives."

This is what Pachter said and we all know what happens when he makes a prediction.

DivineAssault 2192d ago

So he basically says if a good game or feature comes out that ppl want, it will maintain momentum.. If not, it wont sell beyond the fans demand.. We shall see what happens with it.. I wana ebay this badboy while its hot this holiday for sure...

jmc88882192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

He also used the 'we'll know more in 6 months about how consumers view it'.

Really? That's a common sense statement worth being paid to be an anal(c)yst to come up with?

I'll know more about if Django Unchained is a good selling movie after the opening weekend box office numbers come out. It's restating the obvious. Though, we all know Django Unchained is going to be awesome.

jmc88882192d ago

ROFL like CEO's and Anal(c)ysts know anything. They're morons. They don't know the forest from the trees. One guy is guessing with limited knowledge and letting statistical tricks guide him and the other is speaking from a 'whats best for Ubisoft' viewpoint. Yeah like either of those viewpoints are reality.

Pachter doesn't know squat. The only thing that could hurt the Wii U is the worldwide depression taking another leg down and hyperinflation.

I guess there is ONE. The only actual console related possibility that could hurt it is the online network. But seeing how they are using tech that's standardized now and they hired a good portion of those that created Xbox live, I'm going to say the new Nintendo Network shouldn't be a problem. We don't know, and it might have a few initial, easily solvable issues as these things happen at launch and millions start hammering it at one time, but overall it shouldn't be a problem long term. If it is, then it is, but I haven't seen anything to lead to believe it'll be a problem. If anything hiring some of the xbox live people show they are serious about online gaming, and were smart enough to grab some of the best to do it.

While there isn't a huge leap between 360/ps3 to the Wii U/720/PS4 there will be a noticeable enough jump to make it worthwhile. The Wii U starts it off, and the gamepad will be enjoyed by the youth and adults. Children will love the gamepad. We have gotten to the point where there are noticeably better textures, 60fps and 720/1080 native beats 588/600 hands down at 30 or 60 fps.

Meanwhile the whole setup of the Wii U is bringing back NES/SNES/N64 users back into the fold like me. Between 3rd party support, hd, dual stick, online gaming, and yes the gamepad that's plenty to bring people back. They've covered the bases so that there are no glaring reasons to hold back for people that preferred the games that were on the 360/PS3.

So if you can get the same games coming out on the Wii U as opposed to the 360/ps3 (other than exclusives) then you're more likely to spend the extra 50-100 to get the system that won't be outdated in a year or two by the 720/ps4. Plus a lot of people like Nintendo's exclusives too.

Besides who like me has an aging 360 or PS3, mostly 360, that is on it's last legs? Do you really want to buy a new one? Or shift your games to something else (like PC and Wii U) and play the old ones you have on the old machine(s).

Yep. After scratched discs, RROD, hd crash, and now the dvd drive is failing I really don't want to buy a new one that still has some issues. Read online how even the new consoles crash alot like the previous versions. I'll just live with it on my old games, and free the new games from that problem, aside from say Halo 4, which I don't have a choice on. BUT, all those games should be playable on the 720, so they'll probably work good on there.

The CEO of Ubisoft is a moron because what he says isn't through the lens of the consumer per se, he is viewing it through the lens of Ubisoft. Which means, any console, no matter what or when it is released, will sell more, if it's priced lower, and with more units in people's hands, they'll buy more Ubisoft games.

It's a very general statement. Especially when you consider that the Wii U if it was price at five dollars wouldn't sell out any quicker the first six months or so, and thus won't really affect the sales of Ubisoft's Wii U games. I've got three of his games on pre-order, AC3 on PC, and ZombiU and Rabbidsland for Wii U.

jmc88882192d ago

Oh and they...people use the xbox or PS3 to do other things than game...well yeah...but they still game. Very few people buy a console just to get a DVD player. Or get access to Xbox. Those people are morons. Why pay 250 bucks for a PS2 during the time where you could get one $69-99..and you could, because in 2001 I had the choice between the super cheap 69 or a more expensive 89 dollar one with more features, and I got the 89 dollar one. So why anyone would pay more for the playstation 2 is asinine. Netflix didn't start on the xbox. Most people had a PC that could do the same thing, and yes, you can hook up your PC to an HDTV, hell most people can hook it up to a monitor AND a HDTV.

Oh and $5 games aren't a real threat to consoles. They're a separate niche product that is clearly quite inferior. Crappy phone games are better than nothing if you're in a waiting room, but are quickly ditched for the real thing at home.