Exclusive Black Friday Deals for PS3 and PS Vita

The Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified, and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PS Vita bundles will be available for $199.99 (MSRP)* on Black Friday and Saturday only. Here are the details

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jujubee882220d ago

$199.99 for Black Friday
Limited-Edition Crystal White PS Vita Wi-Fi System


AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh .

~gets stampeded on by black friday crowds

tehpees32219d ago

If that doesn't help Vita I fear the worst.

LOGICWINS2219d ago

If that doesn't help Vita, PS Plus will. I just subscribed yesterday and I feel like I MUST get a Vita to play all these new Vita games that I'm getting.

The service is beyond(BEYOND!)awesome. I spent $50 yesterday and by the end of the month I'll have over $200 worth of Vita/PS3 games at my disposal. And thats just the FIRST month :D

yesmynameissumo2219d ago

PS Plus is completely awesome. I need to grab a 32GB stick because of it, but ya know...that's ok :)

Cam9772219d ago

As LogicWins stated, PS Plus will however; over time, I see sales becoming better as a greater selection of games gives the buyer more reason to buy one.

I also love PS Plus, for Vita, Sony have outdone themselves as it's an excellent service! With it being just like the PS3's Plus is very good news, the cloud storage will help me incasee my memory stick went corrupt or I upgraded to the 32GB - twice the size of my current 16GB stick. Anyway, I love that it's a one time fee for Vita and Ps3 Plus. One wonders how much Sony actually make from Plus.

GribbleGrunger2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I agree with you Logic, PS+ is without doubt the Vita's best asset in waiting, but I don't think we'll see a significant spike in sales because of it. A lot of people will wait and see what other games are offered in the coming months. I would imagine that will lead to a steady rise in sales and a much healthier average in January and the following next three or four months. It's pointless trying to predict Christmas IMO... It's a crazy and often fickle part of the year.

Depending on what average that is (I'll plump for 70k to 75k a week once the dust has settled over Christmas) And then depending on what games are released next year we could see the Vita doing an average of around 80k to 85k a week with regular 100k to 150k spikes.

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kneon2219d ago

That's what I paid for this bundle on the Liberation launch day so it's no surprise they are doing that deal again.

shammgod2219d ago

The white vita is sick! I just bought it for $250 and even though it is $50 cheaper I am not complaining. Make sure to get LBP vita

Also, Tuesday uncharted and gravity rush are free for PS Plus subscribers. Two classic vita games!!!

jujubee882219d ago

I was just going to get all-stars next week and totally forgot about the update and PS+ deals.

Oh oh oh!!! And ppl should pre-order All-Stars RIGHT NOW to get those SICK alternate costumes for free.

BigStef712220d ago

I need to take advantage of that white AC bundle. Hopefully they wont run out of them too quickly because I plan on going to gamestop at midnight

Conzul2219d ago

You know what would make me use my Vita more?

The ability to create playlists on it, you DAMN SONY BLOCKHEADS!

r212219d ago

Agreed, its dumb that i have to make a playlist on either my ps3 or pc when I could easily make them on my vita :L Worst thing bout this is the next update wont have fix this yet!

CalvinKlein2219d ago

I hope alot of VITAS sell so more developers make new games.

DarkTower8052219d ago

"I hope alot of VITAS sell so more developers make new games."

And better quality games, not half assed quick cash in attempts.

BXbomber2219d ago

i just bought 3 vitas of the assassin creed bundle lol

FunAndGun2219d ago

Can I be your friend for the Holidays?

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