GameTap previews Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

How much influence does a portly Englishman have over world events? A lot, if said Englishman is Winston Churchill, and he happens to not survive a fateful accident with a New York taxi cab. The ripple effect translates into an alternate history where the Nazis sweep Europe and make way for American shores. Which leads to an unsettling opening level where civilians are screaming, structures are blowing up, and German zeppelins fill up the sky.

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LinuxGuru3804d ago

First Person Shooter + Lots of bloom lighting + linear style = another FPS in a tired genre.

Skerj3804d ago

God they went crazy with the bloom in those shots.

MK_Red3804d ago

True but the game looks like a PS2 title without overused bloom. The graphical engine has serious problems and with such unpleasant graphics, it still has huge frame-rate drops.