IGN's hands on BlazBlue - The next generation of 2D visuals at last

Street Fighter IV may have been the main attraction at this year's AOU Amusement Expo, but those looking for the next level of 2D needed to head to the nearby AMI booth. Arc System Works debuted BlazBlue in playable form in the booth and drew waits of over 30 minutes.

It's somewhat appropriate that BlazBlue is developed by the makers of Guilty Gear. If you were around back in the late 90s, 2D fighters prior to Guilty Gear looked absolutely horrible running on the latest game hardware because of their use of sprites targeting older, lower-resolution hardware. Guilty Gear came around and bumped everything up to native 640x480, resulting in some of the most gorgeous visuals of its time.

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BloodySinner3746d ago

I feel like this game is TOO similar to Guilty Gear.

destroyah3746d ago

And what? That's a bad thing? Or are you just pissed Blaz-Blue won't be on 360? LOL! Arc System, the creators of Guilty Gear are developing this game and it's going to completely own.

It being too similar to Guilty Gear = Best thing ever.

I can't even go back to playing Street Fighter after playing Guilty Gear X2.

BloodySinner3746d ago

"Or are you just pissed Blaz-Blue won't be on 360? LOL!"

Take it to the troll zone, please.

Broken_Dust3746d ago

Honestly their reviews are somewhat meaningless, they try to act cool while talking but any true fighting gamer can easily see that they don't have a clue about what they're talking about.
I know a reviewer can't be a professional at all genres, its ok "sometimes" if he messes up with that, as long as it's not critical and lowers the games rating.

But now..? When it comes to language..:
=Quote from IGN=
~//The game's announcer sounds not only like she's not a native English speaker, but like she's never even heard of this "English" thing before. The English is so bad that I'm pretty sure it was intentional. Or maybe the use of "Rebel" as the counter for rounds really was a mistake and they meant to use "Level."//~

I must be suprised that Japanese used the word not only correctly but even creatively. When we look up to simillar words as "rebel", we'll find "revolutionary", "rise up", "fight back", "revolt".
Is there something wrong here? Or should we just stick with the classic "round one, FIGHT"?

In the end.. I love ARC System works, and I'm a fan of engRish <3