DmC Devil May Cry - Meet the Cast - 02 Fighting the Power

We take you back behind the lens to see how DmC Devil May Cry was created. Meet Kat and Vergil and learn a little more about their motivations.

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Makasu2190d ago

I wish Kat was the main protagonist.

GSpartan7772190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

For a less than 2 minute video, it's extremely over-edited. Makes it really difficult to enjoy the interview while it keeps cutting to random sound popping up every 10 seconds.

Neckbear2190d ago

I really thought it was a parody or something similar at first. Jesus christ.

Hanso2190d ago

editing is horrible and Vorgil using a gun?

Acquiescence2190d ago

these videos are really obnoxiously edited, like some MTV interview or some crap. It's not easy viewing.

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