DmC: Devil May Cry looks set to silence the critics writes:

"Ninja Theory’s striking reboot of Devil May Cry – also known as DmC – remains one of the most polarizing takes on a beloved franchise in recent memory. Back when it was revealed in 2010, people were quick to jump on the fact hero Dante had changed radically."

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Jinkies2191d ago

Why do people keep saying things like this, theres always articles saying something roughly along the same lines. "dmc has now won fans back" when really they havent.

Reviewers are only saying it because they probably have something going on with Capcom. Capcom needs this game to do well, they'll do anything to make sure it's a success, they would of done the same to RE6 if they knew that was going to flop in reviews.

Chuk52191d ago

No, it's because fanbacklash has been comically insane. I mean death threats? Someone's gotta be rational, and so far it hasn't been a majority of DMC fans.

WolfLeBlack2191d ago

I have to agree with that. Gamers love to scream out that developers are never willing to take big risks with their franchises, but when they do the backlash is huge.

They're trying something new with DmC, and so the fans get angry. They've got all the right in the world to dislike the new look and such, but don't write it entirely off until you've played it.

I have played it, and you know what, it was pretty good. Not absolutly stunning, but good. I've been playing and loving the Devil May Cry games since the start, but Capcom have taken a risk with their franchise, and I'm willing to see how it pans out.

Jinkies2191d ago

Why do people keep bring up the death threats, it's like something to make everything all better and silence the ones who have a problem with this game. Not all of us did that, besides, I think with that NT exaggerated it as much as they could to get some sympathy off fans since the backlash is pretty big.

Fact is, just because they got some death threats off a few insane fans dosen't mean we all did it. It dosen't automaticaly justify what NT is doing to this once loved franchise.

Chuk52191d ago


I never said all.

Baka-akaB2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

It's equally ridiculous to pretend it's because or about death threats . It was one or a few crazy folks once upon a time .

Cod folks like treyarch get crazy mail and threats too , you dont see articles about that or people realying on that excuse and argument .

"They're trying something new with DmC, and so the fans get angry."

I dont agree with the assessment that it's even new . That's one of my problems .

I see the same things with far less quality and inferior in every way . The new elements are the new story and morphing backgrounds .

The rest is a simpler , less smooth dmc , less stylish game imo . I dont see much risk and gambling in that .

That argument would be valid , if they took dmc made it a fps or something radically different .. they just took a not so appeal new style and made the game easier .

It's too easy to pretend DMC fans only wanted the same thing over and over . I'd easily take an actual new perspective that could keep the core of the franchise .

There were plenty possibilities . Like creating an actually open world based dmc retaining the value of the fighting system and the look and stories . Maybe my idea is lame , but it's already far more original and new to DMC over what's proposing NT

Blackdeath_6632191d ago

capcom disregarded all its fanbase (on multiple occasions) hence all the backlash. and yes it is the majority of DMC fans there isn't a single person who has played the previous 4 games that agrees to this reboot.

timeon111111111112191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Let's talk about being rational Chuk5.

You generalize that because ONE/1 or more person has sent death threats to Ninja theory that the whole DMC Fans have.

You generalize that because 1-3 people sent death threats, that the rest of DMC fans = 1M+ also have.

Who's being rational? You certainly aren't.

Oh and the death threats have not been shown to the public. We haven't seen them nor do we know the quantity of them.

They may have received death threats (at very least 1), but for most parts it seems they have blown ANTI-DmC material out of proportions calling them death threats.

My questions to you Chuk5: HAVE YOU SEEN THE DEATH THREATS?


P.S you said that majority of DMC fans have sent death threats to Ninja theory.
Your a very rational person.../sarCasm with a big C.

drizzom2191d ago

The "death threats" your talking about were no more than the numerous comics and youtube videos that slammed the game hard. Calling them death threats seems like a pathetic attempt at them trying to find something really bad to accuse gamers with.

Ugh Death threats -_-...don't go pulling straws and blaming gamers just because nobody likes your fanfiction game.

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ritsuka6662191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Can’t wait for this to fail so Capcom can make Devil May Cry 5 on the next gen platforms. Hopefully they could work something out with Platinum games...

GSpartan7772191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Actually, this situation is pretty much a lose lose situation for everyone. I have honestly concluded that DmC has to succeed and meet Capcom's expectations if we are to ever see them revisit the old franchise.

The series is being rebooted for a reason. Capcom has not clearly stated why but it's very easy to assume that it's to grasp the Western audience and increase sales for the franchise. And if that does not work, they are very likely to just give up on Devil May Cry, because the DMC4 probably did not meet their expectations - hence them rebooting the franchise - and if this one fails, they are most likely to put the series aside for while.

Hanso2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

DMC 4 sold over 3mill. and with so much hate against DmC the real DMC will be faster back than you think "if" DmC fales sales wise..
capcom is just greedy as ususal they want GoW numbers thats why the reboot imo

DMC is just to big of a franshise to give up..

dragonrage002191d ago

The whole "appeal to western audience" is just a ridiculous marketing strategy. What they want is a franchise that they can release annualy and make tons of money, just like COD. They tried the same thing with RE and look what happened. Capcom makes me sick. Western gamers enjoy eastern games, but you just cant expect COD sales.

Baka-akaB2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

" they are very likely to just give up on Devil May Cry"

It's a threat people need to get over with . If it aint good there is no sense in supporting a new direction for the sake of keeping the franchise alive .

Whenever people did that it only perpetuated and legitimized the new direction instead or still killed the franchise .

And as the only franchise behind God of War for this particular subgenre , Capcom wouldnt kill it . They just want to squeeze more if possible

CrimsonDragon902191d ago

Capcom never wanted to do dmc5. Thats why it was their idea to reboot the series, and got NT to work on it. So it don't matter if it fails or not. Capcom will either continue with the new reboot or cancel the whole series, even the numbered ones. Just look at onimusha, it's been 6 years and no new info on a sequel. So is either this dmc reboot or nothing.

yami9302191d ago

Theres actually a lot of rumours saying Onimusha is getting a western reboot as well and is to be developed by Spark Unlimited (the developers behind the western take on Lost Planet with Lost Planet 3)

Double_Oh_Snap2191d ago

Will wait for the demo Tuesday to judge myself. As of right now I'm cautiously optimistic.

Blackdeath_6632191d ago

i would maybe like the game if it wasn't a DMC game. but the fact that it is makes me dislike the game completely based on gameplay footage ive seen so far. and its not just how dante looks that's off-putting but the whole Gothic aesthetics to previous dmc games had been replaced with this almost cartoony dream world like setting. and the worst part is that is almost an insult to fans of the dmc series is the combat system. changing the legendary combat system which is the absolute core of dmc games automatically sets this game up for failure in the view of dmc fans. its the equivilant taking a call of duty game and giving it the same art style you would expect to see in a super mario game and changing all the guns to water soakers.

however, this game may appeal to people who are not familiar to the series and i'm sure many people will enjoy it and play it. it might even turn out to be a good game. but it will never be a good DMC game. people don't seem to understand why fans are unhappy with the game you should play DMC3 by far the best in the series.

Hanso2191d ago

well said

though i think DMC 4 has better combat because its like DMC3 Dante but in his ultimate version
but overall i agree DMC 3 is the better game!

dragonrage002191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )


I couldnt agree more. One of the many issues I had with DMC4 was the lack of the gothic theme. The combat in DmC might look good to someone that never played Devil May Cry 3(or even 4), or only scratched the surface of the system, but to someone that invested in the combat before, it doesnt look good.


What DMC4 did for combat was allow on-the-fly style switching for Dante(which is a great step forward). However, the small weapon variety, and poor enemy design/variety, still kept it from reaching DMC3 combat IMO. As for Nero, he was a much more limited character, and to me, playing as him was just a chore.

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WildStyles2191d ago

Jesus, what is with all the "Ninja Theory has proved everybody wrong" type articles? I don't think I've seen a game that has had so many defense articles basically shaming the fans for not being on board.

GSpartan7772191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I honestly hate this as well. It's as if it is a crime to criticize game companies when they take a franchise with an establish fanbase to a whole new direction and we just have to sit here and deal with it. And game journalist love to come to their defense to score up some reputation points, because it's what gets them free early review copies, goodie bags, get flown to showcase events and also get exclusive coverage.

drizzom2191d ago

Well the only thing this journalist and their website are going to score with me is a Blacklist.

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