Skyrim 1.8 update released to Xbox 360

XMNR: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the Xbox 360 quietly received the 1.8 update Friday morning bringing a handful of fixes in preparation for the release of the Dragonborn DLC.


Release timing for the 1.8 update on the PS3 is in the works.

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dazzrazz2191d ago

5 fixes per patch that will break another 50 and leave another 150 untouched :P I've received this game almost year ago and after 8 hours of gameplay my savegame got corrupted... I never played it again

Scrivlar2191d ago

You kind of screwed yourself over a bit there considering it got GOTY and has around 300 hours worth of game play. Might want to consider giving it another go.

DragonKnight2191d ago

No he didn't. It didn't deserve GOTY. It got GOTY just because Bethesda made an attempt at a large game. A large game filled with unacceptable bugs. It has a pitiful story and your character's actions have virtually no impact on the world. 300 hours of gameplay isn't necessarily a good thing when most of that gameplay is repetitious. dazzrazz didn't miss out on anything special.

HarryMasonHerpderp2191d ago

Yeah 300 hours of gameplay if you enjoy doing the same thing over and over again.

KrimsonKody2191d ago

360 needed this.
Maybe most of the glitches & problems are fixed this time around...

Tonester9252191d ago

I didn't know people still played this game

Scrivlar2191d ago

What other game in the universe do you not end up doing the same thing repeatedly after say..80 hours? Now maybe the game can't capture your imagination but for some people to be able to play a single player game for over 200 hours and still be enjoying themselves is nothing short of remarkable.

josephayal2191d ago

great, I've got over 400 hours of game play in Skyrim

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