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Submitted by Gekko 1180d ago | news

Black Ops 2 dev prepared to “kill people with facts” over balancing complaints

Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2 design director David Vonderhaar is ready for the inevitable complaints of over-powered weapons which accompany any major multiplayer shooter’s launch. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, David Vonderhaar, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

knifefight  +   1180d ago
The Factgun would be a badass weapon in the game.
StanLee  +   1180d ago
The truth about those balanced guns is, they're all the same. All the guns in the game look, feel and sound, the same! Treyarch always seems to have to most balanced, and well thought out and supported Call of Duty games but their games are also the most boring games in the series!
XB1_PS4  +   1179d ago
Treyarchs are the most boring? I can tell you haven't bought this one. Lightning fast multiplayer, and Multi-Team objective play is one of the more fun experiences I've had on any FPS. Let alone any COD. The campaign is crazy, as the campaign doesn't seem to take itself serious. Zombie mode is actually my least favorite out of the three, and it's still fun as hell. Which is saying a lot. I feel sorry for anyone who is having problems on the PS3, because this is probably my favorite cod ever.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1180d ago
also the ps3 patch granade..
tallkidoPL  +   1180d ago
those devs are laughing how they break records every year with same shit lol
Tonester925  +   1180d ago
Did you play the game? Or are you just talking like the rest of the people on here?
CerebralAssassin  +   1180d ago
I'm sure it's option 1
Thatlalala  +   1180d ago
I played Blops 2 last year, and the year before, oh yeah and the year before that.
TheFreak   1180d ago | Trolling | show
XB1_PS4  +   1179d ago
This game is the least like the others. If you think this is the same, then you haven't played it. I'm happy Treyarch doesn't think they're perfect in every way like IW does. It gives them the drive to be better, which they have been.
TopDudeMan  +   1180d ago
Everyone uses weapon x, therefore weapon x is overpowered.
The Meerkat  +   1180d ago
I've looked and I can't find this weapon x you speak of.

But seriously, other than being killed by quickscopers I haven't found any particular gun that's upset me.
extermin8or  +   1180d ago
just for once everyone isn't using the same weapon, witht he exception of bloody bouncing bettys in S and D they are EVERYWHERE drives me nuts how many im having to avoid etc, i think the duck time should be lengthened a tiny amount that's all..
XB1_PS4  +   1179d ago
Haha, quickscoping is so much fun. lol
ChocolateGiddyUp  +   1180d ago
No one can stop Weapon X

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SilentNegotiator  +   1180d ago
In that case, Weapon X is absolutely overpowered.
Honest_gamer  +   1180d ago
im sorry what? everyone runs around with an MP5 and gets kills from one end of the map to the other
ex sas and mcnab, says its only reliable from 1 to 20 metes on a single fire, doesnt mention burst fire so i guess by the developers logic full fire means the whole map
CerebralAssassin  +   1180d ago
But there isn't a mp5 on black ops 2...
extermin8or  +   1180d ago
yeah thats not been happening on BO2 but on previous CODs such things drove me mad lol
Honest_gamer  +   1179d ago
aw i got my guns mixed up :'( ah well the same thing holds true wih the 1st smg you start of with, thats what i thought wast the mp5 ;-)
XB1_PS4  +   1179d ago
It's called the MP7, and it's decently good. I wouldn't say overpowered. I do better the the new SCAR, and the 4 round burst assault rifle. I forget the name of it.
Honest_gamer  +   1179d ago
i thin the most op gun is by far one of the hand guns, that shoots faster than the sparks come out of it :/ think its the last one maybe 2nd last but not to sure, hell i just run around with the mtar :/ i wish thye would put the g36c back in, loved that gun in my cod4 days, surpisingly i am liking black ops2 so far, and i ahvent liked a single one since waw
the_eddster  +   1180d ago
One of the main problem is that unlike most COD games the worst perks are unlocked first. Ghost should be one of the first unlocks as everyone uses UAV nowadays due to the new scorestreak system, its unfair when a high rank player racks up a load of kills because he is the only to have ghost.
I appreciate that this issue will disappear in time but for the early days its devastating.
Rubberlegs  +   1180d ago
Its not unfair though since Ghost isn't the same as was before. You always have to be on the move using Ghost with a UAV in the air, if you stop you will show up on the radar. It helps against those that camp/snipe with it.

Also more people need to start using Black Hat to take down UAV's. No one ever seems to use it and it helps out a lot for those that don't use rocket launchers. You can hack care packages with it too.
rezzah  +   1180d ago
What are the chances of hacking care packages? Unless you play in that specific game mode, I forgot what it was called cause I dont play it.
Dropdeadll  +   1180d ago
I wonder if ghost still works if you just shuffle in one spot.
EL Lanf  +   1180d ago
Doesn't this mean they'd have to start listening once the facts get into the hands of the public via websites listing weapon stats? It is a little silly making claims without knowing the stats behind it, but in some cases it's just obvious. I haven't touched COD since WaW but in the case of BF3, it was pretty obvious when the FAMAS was released as part of DLC, it was horrifically broken even before checking the maths. DICE then did what they do with every completely OP weapon and nerfed to be the worst of the assault rifles.

Same will probably happen here.
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CrimsonessCross  +   1180d ago
God I hope not =_= I don't want the weapons to be nerfed to the ground in THIS game as well :/ people cry about [weapon A] being over-powered because it is/was favored by a majority of people and not use [weapons B-E] of a certain category so when they do nerf [weapon A] it just shifts what weapon will be next in line. People complain too much =.=

Shit happens, get over it best explains the weapons for the most part. Don't break a game when it isn't broken.
I do understand fixes and such, but I am not into "OMG OP" for everything either. When every weapon has a pro/con and a fine line to where and how it is used is where they should be. When people complain about it they are just being mouthy crybabies =.=

When it did happen I understand the nerf to the FAMAS but it wasn't the best thing for the weapon to make it bottom line. It was still preference, although you might suffer to not use it it it was still preference, some people prefer to use LMGs and everything of such...oh well.

When you have a choice to drop or add items to a weapon I don't see any problem at all. All weapons have different stats, of course. There will always be at least ONE weapon that is favored overall in some way. I guess I'm a person who likes a slightly unbalanced system because it makes it more interesting. If everything was balanced then it wouldn't matter about preference as everything would act the same, but be in different skins.
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cyborg47  +   1180d ago
Talking about balance in an already unbalanced system? :|
porkChop  +   1180d ago
You clearly haven't played the game. I've been playing quite a lot the last couple days and have yet to notice anything unbalanced at all. The game is very well done, it's definitely the best CoD since CoD4.

It's also the first game since CoD4 where pretty much every map in the game is great. WaW, BlOps 1, MW2, and MW3 all had mostly "ok" maps. They were playable but I didn't really like them. BlOps 2 doesn't have that problem. Same with the guns, they're all great.
CrimsonessCross  +   1180d ago
Although admittedly it's only been out for a few days, I agree entirely.

I'm playing through the campaign now (someones streaming videos, so multi-player wouldn't be optimal) and I am loving what they did with it, especially the enviroments and what they let you do.

I have not found a single map I dislike and they all play very well since they are open-ended and you never know where and when the enemy might show up keeps it unpredictable.
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flyinrhyno  +   1180d ago
The maps in this game are far from great, actually I would venture to say they are some of the worst most cluttered maps in any COD to date. No I am not a COD hater I actually am an avid supporter.
dawgs4ever  +   1180d ago
I like the maps for the most part. I do agree that it would be nice to have some larger maps like those we had in Black Ops 1. I'd also love to see more varied seasonal effects - I loved the snow maps in previous COD games. I don't think we have ANY snow maps in BO2, which just feels weird. Always loved the muffled footsteps.

Would also be fun to have a few other environmental hazards, like a volcano/lava pools, or some such stuff to deal with. Nothing extensive, just some things that add tactical value to chokepoints.
Mathew9R   1180d ago | Spam
josh14399  +   1180d ago
My problem with the game isn't overpowered weapons it's the tiny maps. I feel like the game encourages you to use an smg or shotgun because most enemy encounters are close quarters. They need to go back to cod4 sized maps.
CrimsonessCross  +   1180d ago
I'm not going to agree nor disagree, but the maps seem just about the same, I feel the sight lines are just about the same in spots on the maps for BOII as was MW1. It just depends on where you end up spotting someone and how you confront the enemy team.
MasterD919  +   1180d ago
Hit detection seems like more of an issue...
Killman  +   1180d ago
The shotguns and SMGs ARE overpowered because the majority of the maps are tiny and close combat orientated.
Dark_Overlord  +   1180d ago
I agree about the shottys, up close fair enough 1 hit kill, but at a distance is just taking the p*ss, they have a stupid effective range.
dawgs4ever  +   1180d ago
Agreed. When I'm getting one shot across the map from a slug shotgun, I'm not sure I understand the point of using anything else. Looking forward to unlocking it.
dead_eye  +   1180d ago
I would say the knife is still over powered.
Dark_Overlord  +   1180d ago
You mean the 'I've unloaded half a clip into you but you rushed and stabbed me' knife crap?

I can't get the damn thing to even kill anyone, 3 knife stabs in the back and he turned round and shot me, 2 to the face and then they knife once and I die. Prob down to Lag (Even when I pick 'best' why the hell does it put me in a room full of people from the other side of the planet?) or bad collision detection
dead_eye  +   1179d ago
and cleared half a room with the lunge.

I have to be right up there arse to kill someone with it
kingPoS  +   1180d ago
Kill people with facts? The truth does hurt doesn't it.

Or maybe it was a sermon? lol

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