Nintendo's Wii U: Next-Generation Gaming or Gimmick?

Nintendo is set to launch Wii U, its follow-up to the highly successful Wii console, on November 18, but it is unclear if it represents an official start to the next-generation of gaming.

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darthv722194d ago

I mean many with no interest will proclaim its a gimmick but I see it as playing games. So is it wrong to be considered both?

1upgamer992195d ago

Not a Gimmick. You can use any type of controller you want. If you want you can use the gamepad as an HUD on some games which I think is great. On the fly weapons switching on games like Assassins Creed 3. According to developers-easy to develop for, newer Tech, and more Ram. I think that Nintendo is going to have some great looking games this time around. Will it have PS4's power? No, but it will have the power to pull of some very nice stuff! Activision says that BOPS2 on Wii U has a clear advantage over other consoles, and I for one can not wait to play it on Wii U. I want to see for myself.

ninjabake2194d ago

Oh boy, another one of these lol

StrawHatPatriot2194d ago

It feels to much like one, as not all games really need a second screen, even though it would be nice.

RFornillos42194d ago

that's where creativity comes in for the devs. if a game doesn't use the gamepad effectively, it's not nintendo's fault (unless if it was a game they made), it's a design problem.

nintendo's been giving the devs the tools for making a game that will change the way gaming is done. it's up to the devs how they will maximize the use of these tools; and that includes the use of the gamepad.

Akuma-2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

i dont recall majority of gamers complaining about the traditional controller. they release a lot of gimmicks but cant stick to them like the wiimote because it is one of the worst controller in history. wii would have been better with a traditional controller. the wii u isnt using a wiimote as the default controller. one thing i learned about playing the wii u is that its a gimmick and the wii u pad constantly keeps me from being immerse to the experience of playing the wii u because of constantly requiring me to look away from the teli and look at the wii u pad.

one of the first thing i try to do when playing an unfamiliar console is to learn the buttons so i dont have to look at the controller but the wii us main gimmick is to require the user to look down on the controller occasionally. the games are lower quality that hd console owners are use to this gen. i wouldn't play most of wii u launch games with their low quality on a xbox or ps3 so i dont see why id buy them for wii u. i played wii u and games like zombie u looks like low quality xbl games that should be cheap. look at zombie u a supposed next gen game by nes fanatics and youll see that it looks a generation below "the last of us''. wii u might need about 3 years to match what ps3 is doing as standard 3 years ago and they might need 5 years to match ''the last of us''.

the proof of the games are there for people to see.

to each his own

the wii u is rubbish in my opinion

jbgamer2194d ago

Yeah these articles are done to make Nintendo fans mad, just ignore these, and let's write our own more honest, yeah even when nintendo needs to be criticized, and stop reading these stories which are just for attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.