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Introducing Chronovolt, a steampunk platformer for PS Vita

PlayStation Blog: Hi everyone. David from Playerthree here, to tell you about Chronovolt – our new PS Vita game debuting on the PlayStation Plus service next week. Our aim with Chronovolt was to bring a challenging platform adventure to PS Vita, whilst making use of its unique touch interfaces and gyroscopic controls. From the start, we had a steampunk theme in our heads that could allow us to create worlds and characters with strange machines and futuristic sources of energy. HG Wells’ classic sci-fi novel, The Time Machine, was a definite source of inspiration. A time manipulation concept not only allowed us to jump between very different settings, but was also a perfect fit for the Vita’s touch controls, allowing players to manipulate time with their fingers. (Chronovolt, PS Vita)

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SandwichHammock  +   772d ago
SilentNegotiator  +   772d ago
Platformer? More like Roller.
Fullmetalevolust  +   772d ago
This looks frustrating as all hell lol and I'll probably give it a shot, til I shout bloody murder and throw my vita across the room (hopefully not!)
Tomonobu Itagaki  +   772d ago
So that's basically Marble Madness. Wasn't really what I would expect from a "steampunk platformer".
DivineAssault  +   772d ago
jus about to say that lol
-MD-  +   772d ago
I got excited when I read "Steampunk platformer" but this is not even close to what I was expecting to see.

Myst  +   772d ago
I was going to post pretty much the same comment almost word for word. Saw the characters and thought "Oh yay~! Steampunk AND platformer!" Then my smile flew south and..yeah..
hkgamer  +   772d ago
This video has me questioning myself alot. Did I completely misunderstand what steampunk was or was it them that doesn't have a clue.

Just seem like the gameplay element was from another game, the title and concept art just doesn't match the gameplay at all.
vikingland1  +   772d ago
It dosen't look like a platformer but I will still give it a try.
J86blum  +   772d ago
(Looks at headline as it says STEAMPUNK Platformer) "Sa-weet.", (Clicks ) Balls... -.- (Trolled)
XXXL  +   772d ago
Hey look another vita game that looks like garbage!
Sanquine90  +   772d ago
The ball is steampunk but i can not believe this is a platformer...BALLS
CalvinKlein  +   772d ago
well now im really glad we get JSR and wipeout in America instead of this.
BlackWolf  +   772d ago
This is just...... I expected something different, but a ball with The Prince's ability? No thanks, I'll keep looking.
tiffac008  +   772d ago
Its super monkey ball! With rewind powers and no monkey. ^^
tubers  +   772d ago
Lol I saw the frame rates struggle..

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