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Submitted by Lavalamp 1176d ago | review

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Review | EuroGamer

EuroGamer: "The game is a cliché, its thrills limited, its time-stretching ploys clear. It's infused with the character of Call of Duty, but stripped of the spectacle it reveals the underlying game to be wholly plain and an uninteresting use of your time." (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita) 4/10

TheGrimOfDeath  +   1176d ago
Okay that's it scratching of the possibility of me buying the game until it becomes 30$. Getting NFS MW now.
StraightPath  +   1176d ago
Anyone Stop trying tojustify your vomit vita game purchase
nycgamer4ever  +   1176d ago
If you could get it for 30 to 40 you will be pleasantly surprised and wonder what the reviews were talking about. For 50 I cant recommend it though.

Dont listen to all these knuckleheads who can't make their own decisions and needs the review of a total stranger who gets paid for reviews to justify playing a game. This generation of gamers is the worse. Its like they feel like only games that get 9 and up is worth playing. SMH.

@hd below
I agree with you thst 50 for this game is too much. Maybe its because I got tje game for 30 that I enjoy it so much. Like I said if you can get this game for 30 to 40 then its worth it.

You make some excellent points. However the ps3 isnt equatible. Rhe vita although capable is still a handheld and when designing games for it one should take that into account. The bite size mission structure, similar to that employed in unit 13 is perfect for the vita when you are on the go. Plus there are the time trials and thr horde mode, which add replay value and serves as training for the online which what the cod games are really about.

Also I know I am a stranger also but I tend to trust user reviews more this gen more as the medis just isnt what they ised to be.
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Der_Kommandant  +   1176d ago
Worst game of the year
TheGrimOfDeath  +   1172d ago
Apparently you haven't tried Resistance Burning Skies.
typikal82  +   1176d ago
They fooled us with the idea this would ever be a good game.

Vita has a few great games but big name crap like this will bury it.
arabiensoldier  +   1176d ago
I have a feenling you guys haven't even played the game but yet judge it. Pay attention to some user reviews and see what they have to say, it's been alright comments so far.
Hdz54  +   1176d ago
The positive user reviews are from fanboys who are desperately trying to justify their Vita purchase and want to believe that every new game could be the console's savior. I never trust user reviews for console exclusives.
ronin4life  +   1176d ago
Furthermore, Many on metacritic appear to be spam, as they are fresh profiles that mass launched positive reviews nearly all at once on day one before a single media review ever appeard.

Don't listen to the "fan" hype on this one.

I don't personally believe them, because it all happened too fast, to massively and was all too exaggerated. It all seems protective rather than correct.

There may be, and probably are many people who legitamitely enjoy it. But the hyperbole on all sides is to great to believe any of it is 100% or anywhere near legitamate.

The truth i think is this is an average to below average game and if you absolutely must have it then one needs to get all the info possible before deciding to dive in. Because they may end up severly dissapointed.
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nycgamer4ever  +   1176d ago
I am loving the game so far. In fact I just plaued two round while on the toilet at work. Try doing that with any other cod game. For 30 bucks I am super happy with the game. Besides who needs to justify their purchase. Its not like you are buying a car or another big ticket item. Its a freaking game!!! You guys take this fanboy war way too seriously.

Have you ever thought that maybe people are just genuinely having fun and would like tobhelp their fellow gamers make a decision on whether or not to get the game. If you listen to just review then chances are you will not play the game. Go on youtube there are plenty of videos and they all look good.

Yeah we should just listen to you since you've played the game right and know whats up right? You are completely unbiased and can form an objective opinion based on your extensive playtime with the game.

I'll listen to my own eyes ears and hands thank you. Game is a good fps for the vita that feels like cod no more no less.
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nycgamer4ever  +   1176d ago

No its not. It is from "gamers" who are really enjoying the game and see it for what is is, not what thr console version is. Its all perspective. This is a hamdheld game and should be reviewed as such. In fact it has way less problems than the ps3 game but that version gets a pass.

Maybe if you guys try it instead of just blindly listening to strangers who get paid to do reviews you would know that it is a fun game. It s flawed and is too expensive but if you can get it for 40 or less and you like cod or fps then get it.

There you go another guy who doesnt own his own vita or game with all the criticism. Just cirious what does you little brother think about the game. Also please elaborate why you think its pure garbage. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I would respect you if it wasnt just I played it on my little brothers vita and its garbage. How long did you play it for? Was the I nline not working? Are tthe controls bad? All these details would help other gamers understand your opinion more.
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ronin4life  +   1176d ago
So if it is worse than equatable games it should be cut some slack because of the platform it is on?

To me, that doesn't make sense. Aside from physical hardware limits platform has little to no bearing in that regard and a game should be rated of its actual merits and representation and not a supposed handicap.

And when reffering to unreliable sources as "strangers" remember: you and other gamers are strangers to. So I guess we are all equally reliable.
Hdz54  +   1176d ago
I've actually played it on my little brother's Vita and it is utter garbage. It's so ironic to me that so many ppl constantly hate COD on this site yet when it comes to the Vita all those same haters are trying to defend this version. The fact that they are charging $50 for this game is a joke. The modern combat series for smartphones has better graphics and costs a fraction of the price.

If there's one thing that I've learned about gaming reviews on the internet, it would be that would rather trust game journalists opinions over fanboy opinions.
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iNathan   1176d ago | Trolling | show
spok22  +   1176d ago
Funny how those of u who havent bought the game are the ones dishing out the hate. Those of us who actually did buy the game know how wrong these reviews are and like many have pointed out, this game is getting lower reviews than resistance. You know somethings not right wen the less polished game happens to get a higher score. And whats ur guys argument? O a stranger who might or might be biased is giving this game a low score. Therefore this game must be horrible and those who bought it have buyers remorse and are trying to justify theor purchase. Not a very sound argument if you ask me. Lol

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