GameTap: GDC 08: Countdown Q&A

Curt Feldman of GameTap writes: Exec director Jamil Moledina says he's sleeping pretty well these days. Funny, he doesn't have much time before Game Developers Conference 2008 kicks off. What does he know that GameTap doesn't?

As the countdown to this year's Game Developers Conference approaches zero hour, GameTap was able to speak with the show's executive director Jamil Moledina.

How he had the time to clear his mind and focus on our questions is a testament to the hard work he and the team at GDC put into the event.

With just a few days before the 450-plus session event begins, here's what Jamil had to say about this year's event.

GameTap: Is there is an overriding theme behind this year's GDC? Assuming yes, what is it?

Jamil Moledina: We don't have a thematic slogan for 2008 per se, but as always GDC is about bringing the industry together for learning, inspiration, and networking. There's so much going on in our industry that we found a single theme to be limiting. I mean, this year we're seeing a perfect storm of trends cresting such as breakthrough believability, casualization, gamer created content, diversification of access, transmedia creation, distributed development, and so forth that all add up to a broader, stronger, and more meaningful industry moving forward.

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