Can Game Critics Cheat? Ethics In Reviewing

Kotaku writes: "Chris Dahlen has an interesting post up on the issue of cheating in video games, in particular whether game reviewers can (or should) cheat. Of course, anyone is capable of cheating their way past a tough spot, but should reviewers be held to a higher standard? Dahlen points out that reviewers who admit to taking shortcuts or blowing past extra features or side quests tend to cause people to throw a fit; on the other hand, is galloping through a game at a blinding pace good for anyone, reviewers especially? Is there any hard and fast rule for this sort of stuff?"

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travelguy2k3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

have too much detail to be "blasted through." They are like movies in a sense that you can play through it once and then go back and notice thing you never saw before, details that you never noticed the first time cause you were busy trying to stay alive. I think there should be a minimum of like 20-30 hours play (depending on the game) before a "reviewer" can publish any type of review. With new games, simply completing the game on easy and then complaining of AI stupidity doesn't cut it anymore.

name3804d ago

I haven't even so much as looked up a cheat for any game this gen.

Harry1903804d ago

i agree,cheats?????what for???it's just not so rewarding.

Mcrmarcher3804d ago

i sometimes use cheats but only after i finished the game. i like to explore the worlds or, get my own back on that really hard boss that keep me up for many a night kickin my ass.

biomajor093804d ago

yeah cheats like infinte health are cool for when you are done a game and you can go exploring and don't have to worry about getting your head blown off.

Archaeox3804d ago

To me and all my friends, the point of GTA was cheap IMO, if you use cheats to get past an entire game, thats just not rewarding.

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