ZombiU - Launch Trailer

ZombiU is almost here, and Ubisoft has unleashed its launch trailer just ahead of the game's arrival. Check out the latest footage from apocalyptic London.

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ZeekQuattro2215d ago

This commercial differently reminds me of Zombieland. Nice.

Spenok2215d ago

I have a feeling thats what they were going for. Except for the fact who ever did the voice didn't put much into it, and this ultimately wasn't that good. Though it was nice they showed off some good gameplay.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2215d ago

See this is what I don't like. It has the same eneergy as a kinect ad. Over done investment from the player that will never happen. like this.

But +1 for nintendo because this game is actually good.

aviator1892215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

True, but, generally, most ads on tv tend to extract reactions from actors that everyday users normally don't express.

Ilovetheps42215d ago

I liked that commercial. It made me want the game even though I already have it preordered. It got the point of the game across and made it seem enjoyable.

Heavenly King2215d ago

4.5 on Gamestop mobile site HELL YEAH! LMAO XD