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Latest ONM scores include first verdicts for ZombiU, Epic Mickey 2, Power of Illusion, more

The review scores from the latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine have emerged. Verdicts are in for ZombiU, Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition, FIFA 13 (Wii U), Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. (3DS, Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Nintendo DS, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Wii, Wii U, ZombiU)

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jbgamer  +   987d ago
I agree with Kaos emerald.. Zombi u is another title I am getting for wii u, and unlike the resident evil games, which got boring after RE4.. this game totally puts the horror and scares back in the horror genre!!, I cannot wait to get this title!
Captain Qwark 9  +   987d ago
hmmmmm zombie u, mario, ninja gaiden 3 better version........ wii u is off to a good start.

just give me a good online system and im sold!
jbgamer  +   987d ago
High five! Great taste, those are the titles I am getting :)
ozzywazzy  +   987d ago
Finally a non lazy, re-hash of a game worth mentioning. Keep pumping out new IP's like these and Nintendo just might be able to hang with the big boys.
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SovereignSnaKe  +   987d ago
-Well I guess I have to add Zombi U on Sunday as well, along with NSMB:U, Now what time should I start waiting in Line on Saturday??? ^_^
WeAreLegion  +   986d ago
Why are you waiting in line, if you reserved it?
SovereignSnaKe  +   985d ago
-I was going to pre-order, but I thought it would be more fun to go hunting or wait in line for one. In fact I called one our Walmarts and they said come in around midnight, because no one pre-ordered from them!! ;-)

-I was actually going to wait until next spring, then this past week with all the video's and reviewers getting there hands on the actual console a lightning bolt struck, and I realized "who am I kidding, I buy every Nintendo console, you know what you have to do"! ^_^
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WeAreLegion  +   985d ago
Lol. I love how you think, man. :) I may end up camping out for it, too.
WiiUalpha   986d ago | Spam
YoungPlex  +   986d ago
Pleasantly surprised on Zombie U, have to add it to the list. Tekken and NSMB U, didn't do to bad either... Great job! Now on to AC:III, Batman:AC, and Darksiders:II, can't wait for those reviews!
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WeskerChildReborned  +   986d ago
I kinda had some doubts that ZombiU might just be an overhyped game but this is giving me some reassurance, i can't wait to see the rest of the reviews.
Chupa-Chupa  +   986d ago
Nintendo is going win the sales battle this holiday season. I read a few other reviews for ZombieU and they are all stellar.
chadboban  +   986d ago
Wait, why does this article have so much heat yet so few comments. Is it because ZombiU got a good score?
StrawberryDiesel420  +   986d ago
Wow, Official Nintendo Mag. Ummm, yea I will take this with a grain of salt.
noorbert  +   986d ago
yeah, i will hold my horses. Seriously ONM would hardly give those games bad scores. Also NintendoLand 90? You must be raterded if you think NintendoLand is 90, its tech demo for god sake.
dennett316  +   986d ago
Several other sites have reviewed the game and given it a high mark - 8/10 from Eurogamer and 87% from IGN. NOw IGN are IGN, they're a bit iffy and the Official Magazine is always a little fishy as I haven't trusted an official mag since the Phantom Menace PS1 review in the UK magazine that came out before the game was finished.
But Eurogamer are a solid site, with well written and in-depth reviews.

What I'm basically saying is, don't be so quick to write off the "tech demo" as you called it. Read user reports of those who played the various mini-games on show floors....countless people talking about how much fun they had with the games.
GameLord08  +   986d ago
It's certainly not a tech demo, and has much more depth to it than people care to realise. It's actually a blast to play, but your interpretation depends on how you play it.

IIRC, Chandra from ONM told me they spent 15 hours on each mini-game and carried out proper multiplayer tests, hence the score. It's much more than a compilation of mini-games.
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Ima9er4Life  +   986d ago
The only game I wanna try is zombiU, and Mario for my kids. But the next gen systems is gonna make wiiU look like the wii (don't cry), it goin to look good, but not sick.
dennett316  +   986d ago
I think you're in for a surprise about the graphical leap that's to come with the next gen. If the rumours are true, MS and Sony are putting more into different ways of playing rather than sheer graphical power.

Not saying they won't be more powerful, just that I don't think the gap will be as large as between the Wii and PS3/360.
jrbeerman11  +   986d ago
I just want more ram and AA for once, which i heard wiiu has so its a good start, i am scared off by wiiu hiding its specs though...
eueisdfb   986d ago | Spam
Manthiran  +   986d ago
I tried out the wiiu at best buy...i did not really like it. Especially the controller. I was playing rayman. It force me to look at the small screen in of the controller for some parts of the game while there was not need to have done that. I want to look at the big screen tv not the small screen. The implementation of the controller screen seemed trivial. I found it annoying to look down at the controller to see everythign small when i could easily just look at the tv.

Of course i havent played Zombiu but i personally would find it annoying. Might be a good game without the controller implementation. why why why do i have to look at the stupid small screen controler to aim? i rather took at the tv. But the hacking while being attacked idea is very cool. But yea, using that contoller screen seems like such a pointless gimmick. This is from my experience of actually playing with the controller. Just a personal opinion.
TheRichterBelmont  +   986d ago
Great score! Can't wait to pick up ZombiU :D
Kos-Mos  +   986d ago
I think people in here have a fetish for Kaos. Reported all for off topic.

ON TOPIC: 13 days left and I`ll play this game. It`s the first western developed game I`ll buy in years and that says something about what the market have to offer; *guns*. I`m still playing Starcraft 2 though.
Drainage  +   986d ago
LOL all the Sony drones have decided to not comment but disagree with all the positive replies or trash the review source.

Looks like Wii U is off to a good start.

NSMBU- A ( DLC confirmed)
NintendoLand- B
ZombiU- A

And the great thing is Nintendo still hasnt even revealed their AAA big guns yet. Not even any 3DS interactivity yet, etc.
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iwin86  +   986d ago
I will still hold baqck on my purchase. GAMESPOT GAVE ZOMBIE U ONLY A 4,5/10:
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Deku-Johnny  +   986d ago
ONM staff are paid to review games. Gamestop staff are paid to sell games. Who are you going to trust?
Deku-Johnny  +   986d ago
I'm glad the games I'm getting are both gold.

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