Study Says Salespeople Like Blu-ray

Greg Tarr of Twice writes: West Lake Village, Calif. - A new J.D. Power and Associates mystery shopper study has found that retail salespeople across the country are strongly recommending Blu-ray Disc players over HD DVD to their customers.

Chris Denove, J.D. Power and Associates VP, said that less than 1-in-10 retail salespeople recommended HD DVD to survey takers posing as shoppers for the syndicated, independent field study.

The survey found 25 percent of all salespeople chose not to recommend one platform over the other. But of those who did, 89 percent recommended Blu-ray, and most of them "very strongly recommended Blu-ray, to the point that a typical customer would have had to think long and hard before buying HD DVD in the face of what salespeople are telling them about the two platforms," Denove said.

"Best Buy just issued a press release saying it's going to recommend Blu-ray. But, our data shows that they've been recommending Blu-ray all along, in fact, more so than the national average," Denove told TWICE. "In fact, in January, we didn't come across a single Best Buy salesperson recommending HD DVD."

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Bill Gates3834d ago

Everybody and their granny loves Blu-ray. It's only the BABOONS that hate it, but now they have to LOVE it......AHAHAHHHAHHAHHAHA

MikeGdaGod3834d ago

they hate almost anything related to Sony and give me sh!t whenever i come in to buy a PS3 game.

avacadosnorkel3834d ago

They obviously didn't go to the Best Buy by my house

man0fsteel3834d ago

same here, I overheard a salesman recommending an hd-dvd player after the warner announcement at best buy... i wanted to yell

wallace10003834d ago

Lots of sales people are too stupid to take a recommendation from in the first place because they know very little about what they are selling. Pretty dumb article. Now i would recommend blu-ray because hd dvd is dead but a year ago i would have recommended hd dvd because lets fact it both formats are basically the same with a few differences (disc size, scratch resistant, one not being finalized, no region locking, and so on) and hd dvd was far cheaper. Price is the big thing when you comparing 2 fairly similar products. I just hope now that we have one format that the price of blu-ray starts to come down because players with full capability are still way to expensive.

HarryEtTubMan3834d ago

lmao tyhe only thing the 360 fanboys have to worry about... as if a 20 mintue download even matters. LMAO

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Bots you will lose in everything. EVERYTHING. I hope u guys get to see Microsoft win by 15,000 consoles again in worldwide sales for a week. But its probably not gonna happen. PS3 is taking over and everyone knows it. Get used to it bots. Go play Halo. I like shorter loading times and being able to add a HUGE HDD for maybe 60 bucks. Not be FORCED into everything by sh!thole monopoly Microsft.

And realize next generation Microsft wont even get the satisfaction of a year head start. Sony wont let it happen. That the only chance they had this time and they STILL FAIL AT EVERYTHING.


Get ready bots.. You know its coming. We can smell your fear...(Power of Green anyone?)

ambientFLIER3834d ago

Wow, the intelligence of PS3 fanboys truly shines with your post.


Pretty sad that you typed up a novel on how superior your console is, instead of actually playing it. But then again, that's understandable since you have no games. I'd be interested in hearing your reply, but I guess i won't since you only have one bubble. Enjoy.

Marceles3834d ago

Even if the people don't know any specs or see a difference in video, I also think consumers just like the name "Blu-ray".

Covenant3834d ago

Even though I've stayed neutral in the format war, I've always liked the Blu-Ray packages better than the HD ones. That dark blue just looks cooler than HD's burgundy.

Pretty stupid reason to like something, I know. :)

Whoooop3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Believe or not, colors and art designs can be defining factors when consumers who aren't clear about differences between products, are looking for something they need/want etc.

These are known strategies to target costumers who are easily attracted to eye candy and nice packaging

I can't say it's a big percent, but I know for a fact colors and packaging will make some people buy the product and if the product is actually good...then better.

Cyrus3653834d ago

^^^ 2.2 Definitely agree, packaging, colors definitely effect those who are undecided, just browsing, impulse buys.

EZCheez3834d ago

And it's for that very reason I don't own The Orange Box. I'm sure the game is fantastic, but the boxart has got to be some of the dullest boxart i've ever seen.

Blu-ray just sounds easier and cooler too. If I was completely ignorant to the entire format war and anything about it, I would prefer Blu-Ray just because of name alone. I know that sounds really dumb, but if I really was ignorant to all the facts like a lot of consumers are, that would be the truth.

Rybnik3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I am quite a visual person and I totally agree with you all. As inconsequential as it seems, the fact that the blu-ray logo sounds different, and looks much more different in its presentation to DVD and HDDVD IS a factor. Look at the designs of the logos: blu-ray is simple yet sleek. HDDVD is quite busy looking: too many arrows and overall "clutter" in the design. I have taken some art design courses and it is clear that the Blu-ray design team was sensitive to these principles.

Infact, the original DVD logo DOES adhere to these principles
Check the comparo

wallace10003834d ago

I agree that the blue packaging does look good, i however am not a fan of the players with the big blue stripe across the front.

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Kaz Hirai3834d ago

Ah, of course- the Xbot HOGS!
Well, I'm sorry HOGS, but Nazisoft have begged (On their HANDS AND KNEES! They looked so pathetic!) King Kaz to let them use Blu-Ray!
You're getting it whether you like it or not!


ambientFLIER3834d ago

Is it really worth it to spam up all the articles with your joke accounts?

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