Black Ops II shatters entertainment records – over $500 million in sales in 24 hours

"Once again, it looks like Call of Duty has turned the gaming industry upside down with absurd sales numbers. For the fourth year in a row, nothing comes close to these numbers."

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Neonridr1740d ago

Wow. Didn't Halo 4 only do approx. 400 million in it's first 24 hours?

MikeMyers1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Yup, and the better they do the more the haters come out to voice their opinions. Just goes to show how many still love the Call of Duty franchise and the formula they have perfected.

SJPFTL1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

yahh they perfected lag, terrible hit detection, glitches etc etc

nrvalleytime1740d ago

^ What online game doesn't experience all of these things from time to time? I'm not defending the series by any means, but just it's successful doesn't mean that it's immune to all the problems that almost all online games encounter. Even Halo has a tendency to bug out from time to time.

DigitalAnalog1740d ago

It's also a known fact that the "majority" of these buyers are not up-to-date with latest happenings gaming has to offer. You just offered a self-serving statement which is already so blatantly obvious from the start. Nobody is insinuating the game will LOSE sales, which you are obviously trying to imply.

MikeMyers1740d ago


People continue to play Call of Duty for a long time after its release and then repeat that cycle once the next game comes out. I'd say that's a pretty good indication they have attracted a rather large and loyal fanbse. If you don't like the series that's fine but obviously millions of others do.


You have no idea how up to date those millions of gamers are. Enough of the generalizations. They want to play the game. They keep buying the game in large quantities. They spend endless hours on it. End of story.

I am not insinuating they will lose sales from all the flack people give it within the forums. What am I am saying is the bigger something is the more people come out of the woodwork to downplay it.

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pr0digyZA1740d ago

Halo 4 is only one platform. So not really a fair comparison.

farhad2k81740d ago

CoD BO2 on the XBOX alone out sold HALO 4 on the XBOX.

Shepherd 2141740d ago

More people are into the "realistic" military atmosphere than sci fi and aliens and super soldiers. Just sayin.

Neonridr1740d ago

I wasn't trying to start anything, I just couldn't believe that Black Ops 2 did that much. I will agree with a poster below though. Halo 4 did 400 million on only the 360 whereas Black Ops 2 did 500 million on PC, PS3 and 360..

atticus141740d ago

Most brodudes play CoD on 360. It could very well still have beaten halo sales only taking 360 vs 360 sales.

nrvalleytime1740d ago

True, true. Still an unbelievable number of sales though.

SJPFTL1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Halo 4 only did 220 million in 24 hours. Which is still pretty good considering it is only 1 platform.

ALLWRONG1740d ago

I don't thing COD would stand a chance if Halo was multiplatform.

Getowned1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

That's still amazing for a console exclusive. Halo 4 looks well worth the buy and if you've ever played Halo you know how great the online is. Uncharted 3 (which is also pretty awesome online imo vary hard also to me anyway) only did 3.8 mill in its first 24 hours, Halo 4's 220 mill in 24 hours it's not pretty good, it's amazing. Blops 2 selling 500 mil is just insane, I honestly never expected less with all the hype it had, it will be interesting to see what GTA5 dose in its first 24 hours.

CalvinKlein1740d ago

haah that 3.8 million was how much uncharted 3 shipped in its first shipment, not sold in 1 day. ahahahhaahhahaha

Neoprime1740d ago

Nah, I think it was 250 mil.

GraveLord1740d ago

Halo 4 did approximately 220million in its first 24 hours.

Donnieboi1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

That's pretty damn sweet considering that Halo is an Xbox exclusive. So by that logic, Halo would have likely outsold BO2 if it were multiplatform too (like BO2 is)

Thatguy-3101739d ago

Halo 4 only did 220$ million.

miyamoto1739d ago

This is the reason why Bunjie went multi-platform.

They know Activision will sell their games better to moar gamers and they will make moar money on PS3 than 360 alone.

That is just sound business decision, eh General?

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Hellsvacancy1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Thats insane, not in a good way, please dont gimme the old "its keeping the industry going" because thats a load of bollox, its keeping Activision going, do you think they put the hundreds of millions they make back into the gaming industry? no, they just bring out another cheaply made product and reel in the cash again

Ive got no problem with people enjoying games, its just, THERES OTHER GAMES OUT THERE MAN

Its like a whole culture is under some sort of spell, i mean, ive got people (had) on my friends list, THAT ONLY PLAY COD GAMES, you can just look at there trophy list COD COD COD

shivvy241740d ago

agreed , just played through my friends copy of mw3 today and it was so average ! im gonna go and play Resistance 3 now

NeoTribe1739d ago

Your gonna go play another average game again? Havnt you had enough?

shivvy241739d ago

@ neotribe , single player is awesome and i prefer single > multi

MariaHelFutura1740d ago

Lightning Bolts and Butterflies.

dark-hollow1740d ago

I don't understand this paranoia.
Its not like cod have a monopoly on the industry and gamers only buy cod games, just because your game isn't selling 20+ million doesn't mean your game is failure or you need to follow cod footsteps. If a gamer only plays cod then he probably wouldn't be interested in gaming at all and he wasn't a serious gamer to begin with, but when those new gamers buy consoles to play cod they almost guaranteed gonna buy some other games besides cod to fill the gaps between sequels and BAM, cod turned a non gamer into a core gamer.

the real problem with the industry playing "follow the leader" trying to get some share from cod's pie. THATS what really hurt the industry, because it DOESN'T work!!! Cod is successful because they didn't try to imitate the previous most popular fps games like halo and created their own identity.

ABizzel11740d ago


I agree with you, but what @Hellsvancancy said is true. There are "GAMERS" who buy:


1. Call of Duty
2. Sports Game (Madden or NBA2K or Fifa)
3. Halo / Gears of War / Need for Speed

And when you see that it's upsetting, because it's like a complete waste of console. There are ton of other games they could buy and potentially like as well, but they won't even give them a chance even if they're bargin bin prices.

I've had some friends like that as well, and the best thing to do is if you know them personally, bring a copy of a game you think they'll like and force them to play it. Most of the time they'll say it's alright, but as they're saying that they play longer and longer, and not realize how much they like it. Download demos to their console (most don't even bother) and make them play them. If they enjoy your recommendations then they're more likely to buy a game when you say it's good.

The sports fans are the worse, you have to find something they like going to the movies to see and find a similar game. However, I got COD friends hooked on Borderlands, Uncharted, Left 4 Dead and other games the use guns.

Still not the ideal use of a console playing only shooters, but it's better than seeing them play 3 annual franchises all year long.

deletingthis346753341740d ago

Pretty much this. I don't play CoD just like I don't play Angry Birds or FarmVille or WoW or, or, or ... but I don't rag on the games all day long on the internets like a mindless dolt. It isn't really CoD's fault in this case, but rather the majority of the major publishers and their developers in the industry for chasing the money instead of doing what they did best. EA/BioWare is a good example for this one. They abandoned their loyal and supporting fans because of their crave for a little extra cash. As a result the Mass Effect series lost much of what made the games great, in favor of pandering their games to drunken rednecks and battered housewives from the American midwest. Don't get me started on Dragon Age. I couldn't finish that repetitive piece of s*** you call Dragon Age II and I am not buying the third game nor any other BioWare game in the future.

Norrison1740d ago

I bought COD, but I play a lot more games, so stop ripping on COD players as a whole.

Donnieboi1739d ago

COD = Children's Online Daycare

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Zefros1740d ago

To be honest, black ops 2 is a much better game than mw3,mw2 and blops 1. i really like the feel of this game despite the freezing issues i'm having.